Bitcoin “Bat Signals” Is Shown At Slovakia’s Central Bank

In a new protest turned publicity stunt, a Bitcoin “bat signal” was shown at the central bank of Slovakia. Many banks in the country have briefly hosted the logo on their exteriors as part of a protest by a local action group.

Action Against Banks Hostile To Crypto

The protest was organized by the Slovak faction of the Czech cryptocurrency group Paralelni Polis, which is based in Prague. The Bitcoin light signals were shown in the capital Bratislava and videos and photos of the event were uploaded online.

According to the reports, the protesters were angry because the banks in the country have been hostile towards cryptocurrency entities and users. They state that Slovak banks are not embracing the unlimited possibilities of cryptocurrencies and supporting emerging companies.

Instead of doing this, the state regulators are not legislating in favor of the technology and of the progress and because of this, the legislation for crypto is still unclear and it remains in the darkness.

The members of group report that many crypto companies are suffering from a “witch hunt” supported by the banks and the government and that are blocking crypto exchanges.

They’ve even made an analogy with the enlightenment era, stating that the banks need to overcome the darkness, just like in the 15th century, to stop the revolution from happening now in the 21st century because it threatens the new blockchain decentralized era.

Banks Versus Bitcoin

Europe is very divided about cryptos at the moment. While some countries are more open to it than the others, some are openly hostile. Since Bitcoin has become a more mainstream phenomenon, Holland’s Rabobank and some Polish banks have come under fire from Bitcoin enthusiasts for their hostile attitude towards the tokens.

Switzerland is one of the countries that has been supporting the technology and this movement seems inevitable so far. While it is uncertain whether Bitcoin will survive or not, it is quite clear that the blockchain technology is here to stay and that it will change the financial market.

There are still strong doubts whether decentralization will win, but most people believe in the potential of blockchain, decentralized or not.

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