Smart AIM is a blockchain project designed to organize the community around funding a long range firearm sighting system. Find out how it works today in our review.

What is Smart AIM?

Smart AIM wants to finance a gun sighting system called “Izubr”. To organize financing of that sighting system, Smart AIM is using a blockchain-based platform.

The company describes Izubr as “a modern high-tech equipment to conduct aimed fire at long range.” It consists of a thermal scope, focus adjustment, diopter adjustment, and even a Wi-Fi antenna for the latest weather information.

With Smart AIM, investors can participate in the development of Izbur and other types of military equipment. You can invest in the development of these products today, then make a profit when the products hit the market.

Smart AIM’s ICO for IZR tokens is taking place throughout March and June 2018. The prototype for Smart AIM, meanwhile, is scheduled to be released by Q3 2019. Token holders will begin reaping the rewards from sales of that product soon after.

How Does Smart AIM Work?

Smart AIM aims to provide an opportunity to finance and engage in the distribution of military equipment around the world. By purchasing Smart AIM tokens today, you can finance the development of military equipment – including the Izubr sighting system and other types of military equipment.

Smart AIM is holding a pre-ICO in March 2018, followed by a main ICO in June 2018. As a Smart AIM token holder, you’re entitled to a proportional share of profits generated by the Izubr sighting system and other developed military equipment once they hit the market.

Smart AIM’s tokens are listed under the symbol IZR.

The Smart AIM ecosystem is built on the Ethereum blockchain. Users will interact with the platform through a web interface called the Smart AIM platform.

Smart AIM sees enormous potential in the word of military equipment. The Smart AIM whitepaper mentions that the number of military conflicts is increasing around the world. The number of conflicts has been rising for the past four years, including national, regional, and international conflicts.

There’s a particular emphasis on snipers. In places prone to terrorism, for example, snipers might be posted on surrounding rooftops to survey a situation. Snipers are also used to protect high-profile individuals during major events. That’s why Smart AIM sees potential for enormous sales of its Izubr scope.

How Does the Izubr Sighting System Work?

The Izubr sighting system, also known as SS Izubr, is an advanced sighting system designed to enhance long-range accuracy.

The system consists of a focus adjustment, distance measurements, a microSD slot, antennas to connect to Wi-Fi and mobile networks, and more.

Overall, the Izubr scope has more than a dozen sensors. These sensors track the background, foreground, and target position. There’s also an “Optical Guidance and Tracking System”, or OGTS, that controls the trigger. If the shooter tries to shoot at the moment when the target is outside the lethal damage zone, then the weapon will not fire.

When the target is captured within the sights, OGTS will calculate ballistic information for the projectile, then correct everything within 100ms – “which is beyond the psycho-physiological perception of the soldier.”

The automatic trigger is an electro-mechanical trigger connected to the OGTS network. When the shooter pulls the trigger, OGTS will stabilize and focus on the target to ensure the optimum striking point.

Other key features on the Izubr sighting system include the aiming and alignment system, a weather station (consisting of a barometer, a thermometer, and a relative humidity sensor), a laser rangefinder, and digital glasses that can record everything the soldier sees in HD video.

Who’s Behind Smart AIM?

Smart AIM is officially organized under the name IP Communication Group Ltd., which does business under the name Smart AIM. The company is incorporated in Hong Kong, although the team appears to be based in Ukraine.

The company claims to have begun developing their Izubr sighting system in 2013. The first mentions of Smart AIM appeared online in February 2017 (when the whitepaper was published online).

The ICO is scheduled to take place in June 2018. Then, development of the sighting system will continue throughout 2018 and 2019, with a full prototype ready for demonstration by Q3 2019.

Key members of the Smart AIM team include Alex Kemeroff (General Manager). Kemeroff previously worked as a Manager at 4G Tele Inc., where he developed software for VOIP technology. Prior to that, he was chief engineer of a large industrial enterprise. He also graduated from the Naval Technical Academy. You can view his LinkedIn page here.

Kemeroff is the only listed member of the team. The whitepaper and website do not list other Smart AIM team members “for personal safety reasons”. However, they claim their team includes a graduate of Ukraine’s National Technical University, another graduate of the Belarussian State Technological University (a Doctor of Technical Science), and a design engineer with 20+ years of experience.

The Smart AIM ICO

The Smart AIM pre-ICO is taking place from March 8 to April 12, 2018. The main ICO, meanwhile, is scheduled for June 2018. There’s a total supply of 50 million (50,000,000) IZR tokens.

IZR tokens confirm membership in Smart AIM, allowing you to receive dividends from sales of products by the company. As a token holder, you’re entitled to a proportional share of 100% of Smart AIM’s profit. 100% of tokens distributed during the ICO will provide access to 100% of net profit from the company.

2 million tokens will be sold during the pre-ICO, which has a max cap of 300 BTC and a minimum purchase of 0.0015 BTC required. There’s a token exchange rate of 1 BTC = 6667 IZR tokens.

Of the total supply of tokens, 60% is going to the ICO. The remaining tokens are going to the development team (29%), bounties (4%), advisors (3%), partners (3%), and escrow (1%).

The Smart AIM ICO Conclusion

Smart AIM is a unique project that seeks to raise money to develop smart arms equipment. The company’s initial product will be a sighting system called Izubr. That sighting system is designed to correct accuracy for snipers while also providing advanced weather information, distance data, and more.

The prototype for the sighting system is scheduled to be completed by Q3 2019. By contributing to the ICO today, you can help raise money to get the project off the ground. Then, once the product hits the market, you’ll be able to earn a proportional share of profits from sales of the sighting system.

To learn more about Smart AIM and how it works, visit online today at


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