What Is Smart City Enterprise?

The Smart City Enterprise is an integration business brand, which runs on the unique design of smart technology and is based on the principles of the classic industrial market. It serves an innovative approach to the development of infrastructure in smart cities and thus promotes the contracting principles of blockchain that occurs between the stakeholders of Smart Industrial Project's processes such as Tendering, Contracting, and Delivery.

Smart cities are urban areas that utilize different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information that they use to manage assets and resources efficiently. Smart city enterprise network will link the smart technology between buyers and sellers and apply measureable standards, which unifies the smart projects delivery ecosystem.

Blockchain Sales Network Business Model

The Smart City Enterprise project seeks to find a sustainable blockchain based business model that is also profitable in the industrial market. Research will be conducted regarding the market regulations that affect the blockchain and interactions in order to establish optimal business processes.

Currently, there is an online information mess regarding the smart cities’ industrial development. The project seeks to solve this problem. It will also decentralize the tendering process during the development of smart cities in order to provide an opportunity to smaller players who are often better.

There will be platform that will track the characteristics of smart contracts and identify their competitiveness while at the same time rate them. There will also be an education program that will educate the public on their duties in building smart cities that are safe, effective, eco-friendly, clean and comfortable living conditions.

Smart City Enterprise Proposed Products

The products that the project will offer include the basic tender product that provides tender application guide for small and mid-size companies and business analytics that include statistics, reports, and dossiers about smart industry development. The analytics can be used to develop the industry through providing predictions or forecasts.

The project will be beneficial to companies and governments, as it will increase the speed of development of projects in the smart cities. It will allow stakeholder to measure quality of smart technologies for them to be implemented in smart cities.

The smart city enterprise will offer its Ethereum based City tokens during its ICO to obtain funding for the project. Once the sale operations for the project have been established the City token will be the accepted payment method for Smart City Enterprise services and contracting client-to-client solutions. Three months after the close of the ICO, the token will be listed on exchange platforms such as BiBox, Idex, Etherdelta, Mercatox, C-cex, Cryptopia, Coinrail, Livecoin.

Smart City Enterprise Benefits

Opportunity For Small Companies

The decentralized nature of the project ensures that it is fair and provides an opportunity to small and mid-sized companies to venture into the industrial business projects.

Product Matching System

Through its innovative, product-matching system, the project will improve the sales productivity. The system will be used to match public tender projects with the solutions of smart technology suppliers.

Time And Cost Saving

The project offers tender products that are cost-effective with value addition, which saves the time spent in research and eliminates bureaucracy during the tendering process.

Smart City Enterprise CITY Token ICO Details

  • Launch: 15.05.2018
  • Distribution: 1 643 609 281
  • Price: Hybrid Auction
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Phase distribution volume: 821.804.640 tokens (50% of tokens provisioned for sale)
  • Target: 109.573 ETH
  • Auction Duration: up to 21 sale periods; 1 sale period = 24 hours
  • Minimum investment amount is 0.005 ETH
  • The bonus is initially 15% and decreases each period by 1% till 0%.
  • The last 6 periods will be plain, without bonus.
  • Accepting: ETH

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