Smart holdem

What Is Smart Holdem?

Smart Holdem is a brand-new form of gaming that is focused around a decentralized platform and specialized Poker Room Blockchain. The platform is multi-structure platform that can be used by multiple people online in a completely online and real-time world with zero restrictions for the users.

How Does Smart Holdem Work?

Smart Holdem uses a brand-new form of technology that is a high-functioning, single mechanism for easy use and operation. There is GameChain another BlockChain they use that is considered the most compact and helps protect the system for faulty chains. It’s a brand-newly developed technology that operates within the framework of the system. It also has the ability to store gaming statistics.

  • Ready-Made Prototypes
  • Guarantee Probity
  • No Walled.Dat
  • No Third Party
  • Multsig Friendly
  • Distributed DNS/Names
  • Super Blocks
  • New Source Cods
  • Entropy Seed RNG
  • Integrated Program Language
  • New Equitable Proof-of Stake

The technology operates with smart events on a new tech protocol. It’s unique to the platform that SmartHoldem uses. And the main points that make up the main portion of the system are the betting bank, the arbitor ingames and guarantor. The super blocks they use distribute the capital among a lot of different users and is used to determine many different conditions within the platform.

There are even tournaments held annually that are self-renewing and keep the balance allocated in the Blockchain where they can be used at any time. There are no special addresses available for any users. There are random number generators on a centralized system that uses a 100% authentic entropy SEED. The SEEDS guarantee very random values that work by interpreting computer device noises.

Then there is GameNet, a cloud based system that is decentralized on a gaming network in the open source SmartHoldem system. It works with SuperNodes and is considered where the computers use is truly utilized. Room addresses are not given or even there for anyone to use. SmartEvents however do that work on an automated contract system.

An affiliate blockchain is one of the unique technologies available as well. Also, there are advanced options for transactions. They work with an encrypted payment message for superblock TX, multipay, regname and regname.

They say that there will be more options in the future. The multisig function works with MAST. There are literally thousands of these signatures that operate on one transaction. They work by disclosing no information to anyone. Also, signatures conditions can be done with flexibility.

Lastly through research integration using CIYAM, they adhere to a 2-teired approach. The contracts are then kept on BlockChain that is executed on the outide.

Smart Holdem Conclusion

The team is made up of marketers, poker players, analysts and professional developers. There are also designers and managers as well as businessmen. If you’re in the crypto space and appreciate security and privacy, this could be a great start up to look into.

It’s going to be interesting to see how the gaming fits into international regulation, but they probably won’t matter considering it’s completely anonymous through the blockchaintechnology.

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