Smart Investment Fund

Smart Investment Fund is a high yield dividend fund that will trade blockchain assets using smart trading technology. Find out how it works today in our review.

What Is Smart Investment Fund?

Smart Investment Fund, found online at, is a high yield dividend fund that plans to trade blockchain assets “using a proprietary method of financial trading called Smart Volume Analysis”, also known as Smart VSA.

The trading platform is offered by the creators of Smart Trader, a Volume Analysis trading platform. The creators of that platform have a decade of experience, and their custom algorithms support thousands of traders every day.

Over the years, the Smart Trader’s algorithms have been enhanced and tested against blockchain assets. The AI has been tweaked and improved. Today, Smart Investment Fund claims to be structured to minimize risk and support the longevity of blockchain assets.

There are two major unique features regarding the Smart Investment Fund. First, the fund plans to trade funds into stable fiats during the weekends to minimize risk. And second, the fund is specifically aiming at providing investors with returns of 40%. It seems unusual for a fund to mention a specific ROI – especially in the volatile world of cryptocurrency. However, the creators of the fund claim to have tested their trading software over a ten year period.

How Does Smart Investment Fund Work?

Smart Investment Fund is a smart trading software that makes trades on your behalf. These trades are designed to minimize risk and maximize long-term ROI. They’re not designed to help you get rich quick overnight. Instead, they’re designed to work as a long-term investment fund: you can enjoy the rises and gains of cryptocurrency while still treating it like an ordinary investment.

All funds are kept in USD, EUR, or GBP when not involved in a trade. The platform also keeps a “prudent reserve” at all times. Company assets are externally audited and published onto the blockchain. Meanwhile, investors have voting rights in the direction of the fund.

To participate in the Smart Investment Fund, you’ll need to purchase Smart Investment Fund Tokens (SIFT). Investors will receive 1 SIFT for each 0.01 Ether they invest. Each SIFT is tradeable, and allows investors to freely buy and sell SIFT in the open market. SIFT tokens also pay dividends each month based on the trading performance of the fund.

Here’s how the creators of the Smart Investment Fund sum up their fund and how it works:

“Investing in SIFT allows you to easily become involved in the complicated crypto asset markets without the risk, and technical barriers. Even with a small investment it also allows clients to receive what we expect to be a fairly large monthly dividend payout each month. Our systems have been able to extract large daily returns with much lower risk thanks to our ongoing development of our unique trading methods and systems”

SIFT tokens are based on Ethereum-based smart contracts. These smart contracts manage all aspects of the fund, from the ICO and ERC20-compliant token to investor voting rights, dividend payments, and transparency.

In addition, the company’s code is open-source, and smart contracts can be validated against that open source code.

Obviously, companies can’t go into specific details about how their algorithms and automated trading software works. However, the creators of Smart Investment Fund did a decent job of explaining the basics of their trading algorithms in a Reddit post.


The SIFT ICO will release an unlimited number of SIFT tokens over a 45 day period. SIFT tokens will be sold at an exchange rate of 0.01 ETH per SIFT. Each SIFT Represents one single share in the fund proportional to the number of issued tokens. No shareholder has more priority than others.

SIFT is an ERC20 compliant token.

The SIFT ICO is scheduled from August 1 to September 15. It’s open to everyone aside from residents of the United States.

Smart Investment Fund Benefits

Why would you purchase SIFT and participate in the Smart Investment Fund? Here are some of the proposed benefits:

Unparalleled Returns:

Smart Investment Fund’s creators make a big deal out of the fact that their algorithms have been in development for over a decade. Those algorithms have been tweaked to work with cryptocurrency. Smart Investment Fund actually predicts a specific return of 40% ROI for investors.

Reduced Risk:

The entire fund is held in a bank account when it’s not involved in a trade. Funds are transferred to execute trades before being withdrawn back. Between Friday evening and Monday morning, the company aims to have the entire value of the fund in fiat currencies.

Voting Rights:

All investors receive a single vote per one SIFT token. These votes occur on the blockchain. Users can vote from their Ethereum wallet or from the SIFT Windows application.

SIFT Dividends:

Dividends are paid out on shares each month based on performance. Users can also trade tokens at market prices.


SIFT is a freely-traded asset. You can buy or sell SIFT tokens whenever you want to access to leave the fund.

Who’s Behind The Smart Investment Fund?

The Smart Investment Fund and its parent company Logical Trading Systems limited are led by founders James May and Guy Powell (Chief Technology Officer). The two founders first worked together at tech startups 20 years ago. They have experience building automated proprietary volume trading systems.

Together, the founders claim to have nearly 50 years of financial and trading experience. The smart trader itself has 10+ years of development. The company’s Smart VSA is already trusted by 15,000+ clients. For cryptocurrency trades, the Smart VSA will monitor 30+ proprietary signals.

In exchange for managing the fund, the creators will charge a monthly management fee. However, they won’t charge that management fee until the funds that would have made up that fee have been offset against the 15% initial operating costs that are taken from investments.

Smart Investment Fund Conclusion

The Smart Investment Fund is an investment fund catered towards the world of cryptocurrency. The investment fund aims to make it easy to expose yourself to the gains of the cryptocurrency world while minimizing risk. To participate in the Smart Investment Fund, you’ll need to buy SIFT tokens, which will be available through the ICO running from August to September. SIFT tokens give you a share of the company’s profits through dividend payments. They also allow you to vote on various proposals.

One of the unique features of the Smart Investment Fund is that it aims to withdraw currency to stable fiats (like the EUR and USD) on weekends. Between Friday and Monday, Smart Investment Fund hopes to keep its funds in stable fiats to avoid the volatility of weekend trading.

Another unusual thing about the Smart Investment Fund is that they’re specifically estimating the rate of return for the fund: they claim investors can expect an ROI of about 40%.

You can learn more about the unique cryptocurrency investment fund by visiting today.

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