Smart Little Machine

If you are on course to create a website, then you may have come across the need for a capable content management system to help you announce your presence to the online world. The importance of these web application is that they reduce the amount of time you may take to design, create and update your websites. However, not everyone is conversant with the themes or plugins that improve the functionality and management of the site. While it may seem simple setting websites is much work, and luckily content management system can do the job for you.

And with the rise of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency is making trends in all kinds of sectors including our content management online. The ability to tokenize our processes can hopefully build our content management by improving the transactions and authenticity of our content. While we dwell on content management, our next venture is offering more than the typical content experience. For anyone within the entertainment sector, the recent blockchain venture could be of interest if you are in need of a comprehensive CMS with extensive experience.

What Is Smart Little Machine?

Smart Little Machine is a blockchain-based decentralized platform to facilitate website creation and CMS for users within the entertainment industry. The platform will work through blockchain technology, and its leading cryptocurrency CMS to enable the users to create their website and tokenize the content. The concept is that Smart Little Machine will act as a resource for all your site and content needs by utilizing the stable and scalable nature of blockchain technology.

Smart Little Machine Adult Content Web System Features

Smart Little Machine intends to redefine the building of websites through some features it provides on its platform. The features include:

  • SLM infrastructure- SLM will work under the Google Cloud Platform to ensure data analytics capabilities, scalability and other tools for the integration of development services.
  • Technology stack-all the platform's applications and services are contained in a stack (Docker) that fronts itself as an interface to access.
  • Token exchange– the SLM peer-to-peer exchange allows for the conversion of LMs into cryptocurrency or fiat currency, and exchange it. Moreover, the tokens go into exchanging for the content.
  • UI platform- combines a variety of branded applications to build and manage your custom platform with its services, and applications
  • CMS platform- the CMS platform will include different core applications that will provide options for crowdfunding, real-time chat, and countless other possibilities
  • Core layer-the core of SLM will comprise of smart contract and other tech tools to give guidance on the necessities for the development of cloud-based managed service applications (PaaS)

Smart Little Machine LMS Token ICO Details

Smart Little Machine is planning on holding an ICO for their LMS tokens. The ICO will roll out with 4 pre-sale stages which will allow investors to purchase tokens at a discount. The dates for the tokensale has yet to be announced.

Allocation Of Funds

  • Development: 66%
  • Marketing: 20%
  • Reserves: 8%
  • IT infrastructure: 5%
  • Administrative Costs: 1%

Smart Little Machine Conclusion

Many factors go into considering the type of CMS to offer your website or organizations. While there exist a few basic functionalities with SLM, the ultimate decision is to seek an easy-to-use CMMS for your website. A good point to consider is the size, geographic dispersion, and the structure. Additionally, the CMS administrators should know how to utilize the application. In conclusion, Smart Little Machine is an excellent option if you want to decentralize your digital content management, but you should consider your organization and other underlying factors before choosing a CMS solution. Its simplicity allows for innovation at the convenience of a much lesser cost.

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