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The value of various cryptocurrencies has been steadily rising over the recent past, and this hasn’t augured well with everyone. Terming the unprecedented skyrocketing in value a “bubble that will soon burst” might have been a standard terminology. The basis of this statement is because the cost of many of these coins depends on how much demand they each attract.

That is to say; Bitcoin is the most sought-after digital currency because – well, it’s valuable. So are the others, including Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Bitcoin Cash, Dash and 1,000+ others. In simple terms, the bubble will burst when there’s no more demand for them, particularly when nobody will need them any longer.

But what many do not know is that there are some cryptocurrencies whose value does not depend on the forces of demand and supply only. Dash is one such currency, and that’s because, unlike the conventional currencies whose worth is volatile, its value remains high because of its Masternodes!

Introducing Smart Node Masternode Cryptocurrency

As its Whitepaper states, Smart Node digital currency is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain and functions a lot like Dash. Smart Nodes is here to represent an investment platform that’s fully controlled by cryptocurrencies that operate with Masternodes. You get to store your tokens on any ETH wallet, including Mist and Myetherwallet and a typical transaction takes as much as 14 seconds per confirmation.

This project will enable investors to immerse themselves in the world of Masternode cryptocurrencies and earn monthly profits send directly to their ETH wallets. Substantially, the profit margins will vary based on how much a person invests, though a person won’t necessarily require massive amounts.

Why Choose Smart Node Investment Fund?

By investing in the tokens, you will be spending in a portfolio with diversified investments and thus stand little chance of losing your capital in case of a system crash. Also, the fact that all monthly payments are realistic and transparent means you’ve got nothing to be wary of. And you will always rely on the developers of this project to perform maintenance on your behalf.

Perhaps you are wondering if there’s a factor that would influence the value of the Smartnode tokens. Well, the Whitepaper explains it perfectly well, and this makes the whole project credible!

Smart Node SMT ICO Details

You can start earning from multiple masternodes and quickly receive your monthly profits based on the number of tokens you own. If you have no tokens just yet, don’t worry because the Smart Node pre-sale is on-going until February 20 when it will culminate in an ICO from March 1st, 2018.

  • For every 3,000 SMT tokens, you will be getting 30% of the monthly profits from the Mastercodes.
  • 4,500 SMT equals 50% of the monthly profits generated.
  • 6,000 SMT will mean you’ll get 70% of the monthly profits earned.
  • 7,500 SMT will also say you get 90% of the monthly gains.

From this information, it’s clear, therefore, that anyone with more significant investments will be guaranteed of more profits.

  1. Smartnode tokens available – 10 million
  2. 1 ETH = 1,000 SMT tokens

To wrap all this up, Smartnode digital currency is a project by an able team of four developers. You can catch up with them via their social media handles as well as Reddit and Vimeo!

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