Time is ripe for the property industry to embrace blockchain technology and this is evidenced by what SMARTR Solutions, LLC is creating.

Though there have been a couple of ICOs dedicated to creating a token for the vibrant real estate industry, it’s sad that a few of them have lived to the hype they were born of. The revolution they created didn’t last if it really was a revolution!

So, when news about SMARTR Solutions, LLC broke out, there was an understandable feeling of excitement. Bringing the smart contract technology to an industry where rental and sales transactions are aplenty would be a noteworthy idea. Maybe it will revolutionize the real estate industry since the blockchain technology will ease and bring transparency in computing of real estate transactions; property sales, rental agreements and more.

Even if it will unquestionably be among the best additions to the real estate sector, the fact that it will apply to all types of real estate rental and property sales platforms is a plus. But the best thing is how it will ease rent and mortgage payments, ease the process of purchasing or selling the property and above all, accept fiat and cryptos. Of course, it is a future-oriented invention!

What Is SMARTRealty?

As the “Trustless, Automated Transactions” wordings on the primary page beam boldly, the meaning is pretty simple. SMARTRealty will have three main elements, namely:

  • SMARTRealty contract platform – will comprise a template system which contract creators will use to come up with smart contracts that fit in their specifications and local statutes.
  • SMARTRealty listing platforms – will allow property owners to seamlessly list their assets for sale or lease before their listings are distributed to huge property sites across the world.
  • RLTY tokens – used for the SMARTRealty smart contracts; users buy them before undertaking in activity within the ecosystem.

About the SMARTRealty Token Sale – RLTY ICO

  • Pre-ICO start and end: 15 January 2018 to 15 February 2018 (ended)
  • Main ICO start and end: 15 February 2018 to 15 May 2018 (ongoing)
  • Token symbol: RLTY
  • Price: 1 RLTY = 0.0008 ETH
  • Accepted: BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, ETC, and ADA
  • Bonus: 40% bonus for those who buy during the first two weeks of the ICO period

When the Platform and the RLTY Tokens Will Be Useful

Popular cryptocurrencies are already rivaling the mainstream fiat, and it is a good thing going forward. However, what makes RLTY tokens perfect for the real estate sector is the fact that they are perfectly suited for this industry. They will serve as the platform’s main form of payment, of course, after a participant trades fiat or the acceptable cryptos for them.

SMARTRealty smart contracts will be utilizable in a couple of ways, including selling or purchasing property or completing a year’s rental or lease agreement. The SMARTRealty platform where smart contract creators get to build their smart contracts will enable setting of such vital factors as dates of payment, duration of the agreement, penalties slapped on a non-compliant member, etc.

Smart Realty Token Conclusion

Without a doubt, SMARTRealty is a noble idea. It will bring the virtues of transparency, security, and efficiency to the decentralized platform. That is to say, even if it will amass users from different geographical spheres, instances of theft and fraud in any dealing will be unheard of. This, therefore, marks the start of a great revolution!

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