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Apparently, there have been some rip off companies posing as the same website. They make a clear announcement at the top of the platform that they only have one official site and it’s at SmartStartUpToken.Tech. They promise this is the new era for startups and through their system, new tech companies can launch the smart way. For anyone who wants to learn more about the platform, they can go the company website and download the whitepaper, plus check out various case studies and an in-depth economic review.

How Does Smart Startups Work?

The facts are pretty straight forward when it comes to startups, the economy focused around them is worth trillions of dollars in revenue. The problem is a massive number of them don’t have the needed resources or access to the advanced technology and blockchain support they need to benefit and create a successful company with the use of smart contracts.

And that is where the Smart Startup Token or SMRT comes into play. It’s the gateway so smart contracts for small businesses and startups, that can help them make some serious cash. It works like a vending machine that distributes different pre-formed smart contracts in a lined-up business formation, as a row of intellectual property. This can be used of trading, funding, and creating new trading rows as well. All you have to do is pick your template, put in your token and then start filling it in the smart contract or finding a specialist to help you out.

The Smart Startup Token SMRT Project is also here to operate as the user interface where templates can be changed into new usable contracts. They are very focused on creating a well defined ecosystem for new companies and smaller businesses, giving them smart contracts that operate with automation and allow them to be used for different functions.

About Smart Startups ICO

The Pre-ICO for the company ends in just over 16 days and there is a 50% bonus off the tokens if you buy now. The Tokens are aptly named SMART and the accepted currencies to purchase them are Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. You can additionally transfer fiat bank money as well to pick up tokens.

Who Is Behind Smart Startups?

The main regulatory advisor to the SMRT project is Syed Kamall. He also happens to be a Member of the European Parliament. And he is helping run the operation, so that it will operate without worry. The different Smart Contracts will cover all the basic areas that are normally covered, and then it will also help specialized businesses set up automated contracts as well.

They will be used for finance operations and trading agreements as well, the same way Ethereum’s blockchain was originally designed to operate. Other options that it can be used for lending purposes in terms of equity, funding circles, and CrowdCubes to participate in. All of these can be setup to function automatically through the smart contracts.

Major market places like GumTree and eBay will also be able to benefit from the use of the smart contracts. The reason is, they will force buyers and sellers to adhere to specific conditions. And this will also work for decentralized marketplaces as well. And small businesses will be able to buy larger bundles of the smart contract templates to help with the function of the businesses.

Smart Startups In Conclusion

The SMRT token is designed to give everyone the chance to become a market leader in the massively profitable trillion-dollar marketplace. And that is why the overriding strategy has been used to produce the smart contracts.

Besides having a politician on board, they also have a huge team of verified, and successful people working on the project, in my opinion – SMRT Tokens are the real deal and this is a company that would be wise to invest into.

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