Smart Trade Coin

What Is Smart Trade Coin?

Cryptocurrencies are getting harder to trade in financial markets and the Smart Trade Coin Software gives information that enables users to trade several orders efficiently. SmartTrade aims at influencing major exchanges by building the largest decentralized crypto training community.

The platform makes it easy for non-experts to handle and exchange funds through supporting tools put in place for that purpose. The software has an easy and efficient environment for trading cryptocurrencies. A trader can trade on different platforms using the software, giving reports on assets in a portfolio, train on investments, and set up online discussions.

How Smart Trade Coin Blockchain Crypto Asset Software Manager Works

Active investments using the SmartTrade Coin will help to rapidly expand the Smart Trade coin community and build a structure that can influence the market and crypto exchanges. This influence will provide the best and most favorable conditions for traders. Entry into the Smart Trade Coin World will strengthen and expand the trade area by enabling startups and crypto-trade projects. SmartTrade Coin will help in developing and financing third party plug-ins.

The exchange connections and portfolio access plug-in will allow users to access their portfolios and view them in different exchanges. The Trading Algorithms plug-in enables the creation of different automatic trading strategies. A user can choose the algorithm that corresponds to his/her risk claim.

Advanced manual trading and portfolio functions make it easier to trade manually. Reporting plug-ins gives simple overviews and tax reports. Experienced traders get predefined statistics on spreads and price movements to aid in making predictions on when opportunities will rise. A trader can add currencies by configuration or reading data from connected exchanges. The software has additional exchanges and more will be added when possible.

Newsfeed plug-in can be added to include news on the crypto market. Decentralized social network functions like forums and chats have been added for a fully encrypted protocol.

The Smart Trade Coin Application Platform

The Smart Trade Coin Application Platform gives access to wallets and conveniently manages the trader’s currency transactions. It ultimately enables traders to know the best offers on the market in real time. The unique software interface gives users information on their assets, the status of their cryptocurrencies, or the value of the Fiat money in various platforms.

The Smart Trade Coin Application Platform automates trades and a user can set up optimal transactions. The software enables intelligent and fully automated trading. The software offers options such as round-the clock automated trading, purchase of multiple cryptocurrencies and their sale, high income generation, different trading strategies, and an automatic generation of balances among others.

A trader can buy or sell TRADE but without access to the Smart Trade Coin Application Platform, they cannot have access to the whole ecosystem. The cryptocurrency TRADE has the possibility to grant access to the fully automated Smart Trade Coin Application Platform. TRADE gives an opportunity to traders to become part of an influential community of traders and enable 24/7 real-time transaction worldwide.

Smart Trade Coin ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: TRADE
  • Token Sale Date: 11/26/18 – 04/15/19
  • Total Supply: 7.2 Billion
  • Token Standard: ERC20
  • Soft Cap: 3 Million
  • Hard Cap: 99 Million

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