For a long time, blockchain technology is herald as a game changer for various industries thanks to its revolutionary capabilities. One sector that we should expect to benefit is the current travel industry from its status quo. The fragmented travel industry is one of the significant points that do necessitate the use of blockchain technology to solve some of the common challenges. Consequently, the travelers and the travel services could stand to benefit from the streamlined and equitable process. The potential to do this is more than just hypothetical, and as we will get to see, there are ventures already utilizing the blockchain aspect to improve the mode of our travel sector. Here one blockchain travel platform that plans to aggregate travel services to the benefit of the travelers.

What Is Smart Trip Platform?

Smart Trip is a blockchain-based travel ecosystem that will connect travelers to the travel services to provide the ultimate resource for organizing trips and have unforgettable memories. The platform plans to encompass the use of a decentralized structure, tokens and smart contracts to provide users with the advantages of having an instant and secure payments for their travel ventures. Consequently, Smart Trip platform will encompass a viable blockchain solution for travelers and service providers and have them enjoy the invaluable travel resource they want.

Smart Trip Platform Features

Smart Trip platform plan to offer:


Smart Trip plan on providing a market for all kinds of travel services ranging from air tickets, trips provides information about tourist attractions, and find travel buddies. Payment for these services is through TripCash, which is the official token for the platform.

Trip Planning

If trip planning is a headache, then Smart Trip platform has a tool to get you ahead with the A to Z of trip planning.

An Interactive Community

The smart Trip platform goes beyond travel services and will offer a global ecosystem for travelers to meet, share their experience and build a relationship with traveling professionals. The leading options within the community include

  • Posting photos, videos, and travel reviews
  • Access to a travel knowledge base
  • Access to chat rooms
  • Befriend travel companions
  • Seek advice on destinations
  • Share tours and rides
  • Participate in travel arbitration cases between travelers and service providers

Smart Trip Platform Blockchain Travel Coin Benefits

  • Secure- Smart Trip platform offers a reliable and transparent ledger that will help reduce the fees for airlines, travel agencies and hotels by streamlining the payment and settlement system.
  • Trust- the use of smart contracts enable a trust system where individual get a digital identity to purchase the travel services using TASH.
  • Disintermediation- the decentralized nature of blockchain eliminates intermediaries, with the concept allowing travelers to pay and receive the services without any monopolies.
  • Decentralization- with Smart Trip platform, the travel industry stands to gain a new structure with the travelers and service providers having a peer-to-peer transaction system and their cryptocurrency.

Smart Trip Platform TASH Token ICO Details

Smart Trip is having a pre-ICO round one through 5/13/18. The pre-ICO round two will start on 05/14/18 and run until 06/10/18. On June 11, 2018 the main-ICO will start then end on 7/22/18. Acceptable currency invest in TASH tokens are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BTH), DASH, Ripple (XRP) and Cardano (ADA).

Smart Trip Platform Conclusion

It is open that our current travel industry is undergoing a discourse, with the legacy of systems involving travel agencies, payment services, and governments. However, blockchain ventures such as Smart Trip platform could disrupt the reality of how we get to travel. The primary challenge is getting the revolutionary technology to have a mass adoption within avid travelers and the service providers.

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  1. TRavel Coin is a different and unique Idea. And I think we need such more blockchain projects. In Medical and Science also we need more projects. the one I follow is Scidex. Do you suggest any other projects?


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