Smarter Than Crypto

Smart beta strategies are rapidly becoming a unique alternative when it comes to traditional active management and current massive management. The innovation is proving useful especially for equities with its initial concept relying on tracking of an index whose stocks are weighted by anything other than their capitalization. In essence, the main aim is to promote a systematic harvest of the risks that would compensate you with returns. Consequently, this approach is simultaneously lowering the risk of your investment while enhancing the performance of your profits. Making the technique more efficient, means the blockchain venture is now combining the two technology innovations to for a Smarter than Crypto innovation.

What Is Smarter Than Crypto?

Smarter than Crypto is autonomous; low-cost crypto Comingled Managed Account that will have zero management fees. The tokenized portfolio is the first SMARTER THAN BETA portfolio to provide a solution to the problem of Indexes. Generally, in traditional investment, 60% of the assets are benchmarked to Indexes. For Smarter than Crypto, the goal is to outperform the index within the crypto world and give a 40% return and a 40% less risk.

Smarter Than Crypto STD ICO Details

SMARTER THAN CRYPTO will act as a utility token, representing a percentage of the Crix-Crypto index. The tokens will only be accessible through the ICO. The number of coins you buy will represent your share of the portfolio. In return, the platform will purchase the underlying cryptocurrencies through your ICO contribution. A wise thing to note is the closed cap ICO which means it’s a one-off event to get the token before the whole projects set off. Their innovative price floor mechanism will also work by implementing blockchain technology for the creation of smart contracts during the initial phase. The original agreements will facilitate the transactions and fess on the SMARTER THAN CRYPTO platform.

Smarter Than Crypto Advantages

  • No management fees-The transactions in Smarter than Crypto will run on a fully automated system hence no need for expensive service providers or external advisors.
  • Autonomy-the platform’s investment model automatically rebalances the portfolio through the return and risk mode. No manual intervention is needed as the program runs on its background.
  • Non-stop trading-the automatic system allows for 24/7 trading through the portfolio. Users can trade anytime they feel like, anywhere.
  • Scientifically proven-the investment models are said to be scientifically proven to produce stable returns by ensuring an optimal portfolio.
  • Easy and simple- the portfolio will include a range of cryptocurrencies with the top 20 already confirmed to feature on the list.
  • Closed CapThe one-off sale of the token will only allow for the issuance of a fixed number of coins and prohibited trade of the crypto outside the portfolio.

Smarter Than Crypto Verdict

There is evidence of rising in the use of smart beta products within the financial world in particular. However, the unique feature with Smarter than Crypto is that it is the first technology of its kind. The strategy is a product of Salus Alpha Capital who you could also say are pioneers regarding seeking proper alternative investment methods. All-in-all, the venture looks set to kill off the ETF liabilities we tend to witness with exchanges. The only significant disadvantage is to get on board the skeptical population into believing that Smarter than Crypto can consistently outperform.

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