What Is SmartGenie?

This is yet another decentralized P2P network sharing system based around Cryptocurrency. In all regard, this is just like the other few dozen ICOs I’ve reviewed in the last few days. SmartGenie.Io makes the same promises that nearly all the other platforms do. The only difference is there is actually a team here that gives out personal information. So, in a sense, SmartGenie.Io is a real company and the other reviewed ICOs I spoke of are just scams.

How SmartGeie Decentralized Network Sharing Blockchain Works

With that being said, SmartGenie is a decentralized P2P based network. And is used for the distribution of different sharing projects on the blockchain technology. They aim to fight censorship while improving privacy.

They have a P2P based application that operates as a VPN. It is a decentralized network application that is worldwide. And you can use your internet connection with it to get paid. It has a built-in fire wall to help control traffic that is going out.

There is a P2P CDN Application – a specialized content delivery network that is said to be another great part of the platform for sharing unused storage on your home computer or servers. You can also use this to make a profit.

Another application on the platform is the [email protected] VOIP App, it’s another one of the projects on the platform that will help customers share their telecommunications to reduce fees.

The [email protected] Database App is designed to be a decentralized blockchain technology based system for database delivery. It gives the customers the ability to use the blockchain tech for cloud database services.

SmartGenie SMAG ICO Details

The SMAG Token is the Utility Token that is used for SmartGenie.IO. Both the platform and the applications are going to be used for making payments on the global network.

As a community member you can earn a lot of money and save a lot of costs via SMAG Tokens. The tokens are given out when someone uses your personal network over your node.

You’ll also be able to use the SMAG tokens to pay the network.

Token Name

The name of our Utility Token is SMAG which is the shortcut of SmartGenie.io

Start Date

  • Pre-Sale start date is on 01.02.2018 at 00:00 UTC
  • Main-Sale ICO start date is on 15.02.2018 at 00:00 UTC


We use Ethereum as our Token-Platform, that provides really handy and stable Smart Contracts, which is important for our ICO and the guarantee for Investors.

Token Standard

Our Token is based on ERC20 Token Standard in the Ethereum-Blockchain, which allows you to add and track this token in any external Wallets.

Token Price

The Token Price during Pre-Sale is set to be 0.00002 ETH or $0.02 with 4 level discounts.

Investors who get in early get instant access to the beta version of the platform. And they can also start earning commissions. There will also be no usage fee for early users. They plan on listing the token on exchanges immediately following the ICO.

Who Is Behind SmartGenie?

So, I thought before that they actually had disclosure about the team. But unfortunately, I was wrong, turns out none of the bios actually link to anything except back to the SmartGenie.io website. My initial gut feeling is this is a scam. And if its not, I wouldn’t want to invest with a company who can’t even get a series of hyperlinks correct yet is asking for thousands of dollars. It’s sad, may be a little harsh – but it’s the safe bet. And with all the fraud happening right now, you can’t be too safe.

SmartGenie Conclusion

The company does what most other ICOs do. There is no team information and the broken links are fishy. I say stay away from SmartGenie.io and save yourself a headache.

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