Even with blockchain influencing digital innovation all across the globe, it is still quite striking to see the parity that exists between cryptos and real time deployment of these assets. This is where SmartO comes in.

What Is SmartO?

It can be thought of as a “smartphone app with an open source eco-system” that is designed entirely within the blockchain. However, what sets it apart is its use of a unique set of features that have been devised for tackling everyday issues.

To be more specific, we can see that SmartO analyses data from thousands of sources to solve issues related to data optimization. It is able to create the perfect itinerary that can meet all of our personal objectives in a way that saves not only a lot of time, but also effort.

SmartO Super Boost Your Personal & Business Life Features

Some of the core aspects of our daily lives that SmartO can help us with includes:


The app comes prebuilt with a “smart scheduling” system that allows users to keep track of their daily appointments and duties in a hassle free manner.


By completing specific tasks and activities, SmartO doles out pertinent bonuses in the form of native tokens to users. These tokens can then be redeemed for a wide array of goodies at a later stage.

Serves As An Assistant:

The PA module is especially designed to help us stay up-to-date with all of our daily work assignments.

Communication Platform:

SmartO comes loaded with telecom features that not only allow for seamless text based chatting but also voice calling.

SmartO STO ICO Key Aspects

Customer Interaction:

One of the biggest benefits of using SmartO is that it comes with communication channels that have been designed to facilitate customer-owner interaction. This not only helps promote brand value, but also allows for increased market trust.


Another overlooked feature is SmartO’s auditing protocol that allows for verifiable data exchange and transfer.

Optimization Tools:

Owing to its use of a heavy duty/ innovative API, this platform is able to optimize business operations for companies.


This app allows people from different regions, as well as of varying age groups to make use of its services in a completely hassle free manner.


The interface is quite straightforward and makes use of visual cues that are easy for anyone to understand.

Who Is Behind SmartO?

The project is the brainchild of ldar Mukhametzhanov (who also serves as the company’s CTO). He has been in the digital domain since 2006 and has been part of teams that have developed telecom apps such as Viber. As per his LinkedIn profile, Idar is well versed in Oracle RDBMS and Java. Similarly, Vladimir Zakvaskin is the backend dev for this system. He specialises in iOS development and has previously worked at organizations such as MERA.

SmartO STO ICO Details

All internal transactions are governed via the use of a token called STO. It is a ERC20 compatible currency and is based within the Eth blockchain. The sale of STO will be done primarily via two sale periods including:

  • Pre ICO: commences on the 6th of April and finishes on the 15th of the same month.
  • ICO: starts on the 26th of April and concludes on the 7th of May.

Allocation of Funds

  • 37% of all raised revenue will be used for marketing SmartO
  • 20% will be used towards further platform development.
  • 31% has been set aside for company advisors and owners
  • The remaining is for creating a reserve fund as well as expanding the project.

Upon release, STO coins will be available on exchanges such as Binance, BitShares, Poloniex, Waves etc.

For any additional details regarding this platform, users can get in touch with company reps via email.

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