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Smartz Wants to Bridge the Gap Between Smart Contracts and End Users

In order to expand smart contracts in the industry it is necessary to have specialized skills to develop and launch them. And this is a major challenge that the space needs to face and find a solution to. That means that there are just a few individuals that are able to access and use this technology.

But aims to change that. It wants to develop a platform where individuals and businesses can choose, deploy and manage different smart contracts. But the most important thing is that they do not need to know all the complexities behind these contracts. Smartz is able to make them accessible to all users, to manage and deploy them in a very easy way.

In order to do so, it has ready to user smart contract constructos, that facilitate the creation of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) by issuing ERC20 or ERC721 tokens. The platform is able to provide a custom name and ticker for tokens to be issued and determine the length of the crowdfunding campaign. Moreover, it provides a calculator for token to Ether that helps users understand how the funds would be allocated and managed.

In addition to it, users can create Atomic Swap smart contracts that will let them exchange a cryptocurrency for another without complications or intermediaries. And if this was not enough, they are able to create a voting contract for those interested in secure ballot systems.

With the easy to use dashboard, it is possible to upload own smart contracts. All these features would work very smoothly with a marketplace for smart contract developer and users that want to acquire related services.

In the future, the platform aims to integrate third party services such as oracles, arbitrage, and other decentralized services.

The platform comes with all the necessary documentation that will help users to deploy their own smart contracts.

How Does It Work?

Those who want to use the platform need to install the MetaMask client, which is an Ethereum wallet that is embedded in the internet browser. It currently supports Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Once that the wallet is installed, users need to deposit some ETH to the account and they will be able to start creating their ICO. It will be important to provide a contract name, a token name, a ticker, a token burning feature, an ICO start and ending date, an exchange rate, and the hard cap.

After it it is necessary to click the ‘Deploy Now for 0.1 ETH’ button and the platform will be displaying the source code for that smart contract. The network will register this smart contract in just a few minutes.


The Smartz platform has been created in order to help individuals and interested parties create and deploy smart contract. It works for both the regular developer or for users without experience.

Enterprises, businesses and companies are able to integrate smart contracts solutions to their existing IT infrastructure. Moreover, smart contract developers can also use the platform to distribute solution and monetize ideas or products.

It is also important to mark that the team behind Smartz has experience in start-up development and in blockchain companies.

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