SnagRide MILE ICO Review

Sometimes, it feesl that when you are looking for new companies in the cryptocurrency and the blockchain market, you are looking for a needle in a haystack. Do you why? Because the market is so full of bad companies and scams that it can be hard to find the investments that are really going to be worthy of your time. Because of this, you need our help when you are looking for investments.

Our blog’s most important mission is to find and deliver to you information about the most interesting companies in the blockchain market. To be able to do that, we review many of the most interesting companies in the market that appear on our watch. Today we will review a company called SnagRide MILE.

What is SnagRide MILE?

SnagRide is a company which has built a decentralized AI ride-sharing application which will use the technology of the Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts to work. The main goal of the company is to offer an affordable ridesharing program for people who need it to travel mid to long distance ranges.

The company was created because currently there does not seem to be many alternatives for services like this one in the market, especially for long-distance ridesharing and many of the options that exist are still insufficient because of many reasons. Also, this is a growing market which has grown 19% in the United States last year.

The product will be released on the end of 2018, but the Beta version will be released for Android and iOS until the middle of this year, so you will be able to use it (although probably with some bugs) soon.

How Does Snagride Work?

The premise of Snagride is very simple. You create your app and then you will be able to use it to offer or take part in shared rides across mid to long range distances. All these races will be paid through smart contracts so you will not even have to take money with your to pay for these services and they will be completely secure the information of the drivers and passengers will be public.

The major concern that Snagride has is that the trips should be safer. Nobody should be able to feel insecure while travelling using this app because both the identity of the passenger and the driver will be the stored on the Ethereum blockchain forever.

The app will be available soon and it will have a user-friendly interface and a system of ratings that will enable you to see information about the people that will travel with you and how they are rated.

How to Invest in SnagRide MILE ICO?

To invest in Snagride, you have to buy the MILE tokens of the company. The sale has already started on January 10 and it will last until March 14. If you buy the MILE tokens right now at the time of this report, you will still have a bonus of 20%, so try to buy the tokens as soon as possible if you want to pay less per each token. You can use ETH, LTC and BTC to buy the MILE tokens.

The company is currently selling 100,000,000 MILE tokens. 84% will be available on the Initial Coin Offering (ICO), 15% will stay with the Snagride team and 1% will go for bounties. All the unsold tokens will be burned after the ICO. Each MILE token will be sold by 0.25%, but they can be cheaper if you buy them during the bonus phases.

The SnagRide MILE ICO Verdict

Is Snagride the right company for you to invest? It can be. Uber is the proof that ride-sharing services are going to be very popular soon, so it can surely be a great idea to invest in a company that is probably going to have a bright future and that you might even want to use in the future.

One of the main questions that you have to ask to yourself when buying the MILE tokens of this company is if you are really interested in using the services of Snagride in the near future. If you are, then it is definitely a good choice to invest in this company because the price of the MILE tokens will probably rise in the future, so it can be a great idea to invest right now.

If you are still unsure, take some time to think. Investing without patience is always a bad idea and the best investors are the ones who are more patient. Snagride can be a great option for you, but only you can be sure about what is going to be the best investment for you and try to get a great return on investment by choosing it.

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