SnapCity SNPT ICO Review

SnapCity: Where Blockchain Meets Tourism Adventure

With the current crop of young adults and millennials, traveling is fast becoming more than just a hobby. That is quickly making tourism a top earner for most countries with the industry contributing over $7 trillion to the world economy. As such, there are bound to be innovation that plans to ride on this bandwagon.

The SnapCity platform is geo-location adventure app that will help users find out the best places in cities across the world. The platform plans to target travel enthusiast with ‘check into' challenges, which will be rewarded with points within the SnapCity ecosystem.

The awarded points are redeemable at the participating businesses for either a product or service on offer. The platform aims to help users spend more time in a city whenever they are traveling.

How It Works

There are two features present on SnapCity. These are viewing and completing the contests. In the viewing option, users get to see the different types of tasks within their area of the range. Each challenge is represented by a variety of colours, with red indicating a system challenge created by SnapCity. Any completed contests are shown in a green colour whereas blue markers are challenges created by a friend near you.

On the other hand, yellow markers are for public trials and are always visible to any SnapCity user nearby. Once you click on the tags, you can get the information on how many points are available, a gallery of the task and any other relevant information on the same challenge. Whoever completes the task first among the nearby users gets the points.

Once a user completes the challenge, he or she has to take a photo of the contest area and send to the challenger for verification. If the trial has any disputes, settlement takes place through a panel of adjudicators through a voting system. For the system trials, only the SnapCity team can create and issue them through the website. However, the user contests are a product of a member of SnapCity community who wants to challenge and reward each other.

SnapCity SNPT ICO Token Allocation

With the ICO already underway, SnapCity plans to distribute 50% of all its available tokens, which amounts to 50 million SnapCity tokens (SNPT). The ICO was launched on January 13th, while the main sale will happen on 13th February.

A hard limit of 4000 ETH was also put to prevent early investors from bulking up the tokens. Still, the tokens are yet to have an official crypto exchange partner, although plans are underway. The app is also on course to launch, with the program intends to start with Europe as a pilot phase for the project.

SnapCity SNPT ICO Conclusion

With SnapCity blockchain solution, users can verify the challenges in a transparent manner and earn rewards in return. Nonetheless, the game seems like a new concept, and it would be surprising if it performs beyond our expectations.

Furthermore, the projections by the platform do not show potential signs of having a worldwide impact. And with the few number of business willing to join the platform, it may take some time before SnapCity can gain a proper foothold in its niche.

With stiff competition from other social media games, it's going to be a tough challenge for SnapCity to accomplish anything in the long run.

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