Data is growing faster than it has grown before and by 2020, there will be about 1.7 megabytes of new data created every second for each human on the planet. Most of this data is usually dumped into a passive memory, which means its utilization is fractional. Currently, the use and analysis of data are estimated to be less than 0.5%. By 2020, there will be 44 trillion gigabytes of data in existence. The drones will contribute a significant amount of this data. One drone generates as much data as 3000 people surfing the internet.

There is a good chance that drone data you want already exists. However, people still prefer to acquire it themselves or contract someone to get it. So, what makes the drone data acquisition more than re-using drone data? Consumers of drone content may have discrete parameters on things like quality, format, and angle on incidence. The Soar platform wants to solve this exact issue.

A 1920s Drone Data Analogy

In the early 1920s, an indebted farmer in California teamed up with two brothers and $4,000 to create the first casing head gasoline plant. Before that, casing head gasoline was burned off as part of the wet gas, a byproduct of oil extraction. At first, nobody wanted to be part of this invention.

However, the farmer persisted and he went to Shell Oil, he convinced them to utilize his machine. He would then sell the gasoline back to them. From that day, the farmer became famous for utilizing resources nobody wanted to utilize.

Just like the farmer, the aggregation of drone data is important. The problem that was faced back then was not oversupply but underutilization. When the great depression came, car owners began to mix the high-octane with the casing head gasoline. He had successfully utilized something others saw as being of low quality.

How Soar Skymap Global Blockchain Drone Content Map Works

Right now, the world is in a drone upswing. Data is being dumped due to underutilization. The Soar project is on the cusp of drone content becoming integrated into any industry. Today, drones are becoming an indispensable part of aerial surveys, crop health assessments, environmental monitoring and much more.

In the 90s, Google set the standard for how data can be accessed from the internet. Soar also wants to change the mindset on drone data. They want to ensure usefulness, monetization, and validity of drone data.

At the core of Soar is a global super map that is crowdsourced. The platform will allow the efficient identification and exchange of imagery. To drive this map, Soar will utilize a quadtree engine. Now, aerial imagery of both high and low resolution can be incorporated into the global super map.

Soar Skymap SKYM Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Ticker: SKYM
  • Total Tokens Created: 510,000,000 SKYM
  • Tokens for Public Sale: 132,950,000 SKYM
  • Hard Cap: $20.8 USD

Token Distribution

  • Team – 11.76%
  • Reserve for product development – 31.37%
  • Community building – 18.63%
  • Advisors – 1.72%
  • Partnerships – 10.75%
  • Pre and public sale – 26.07%

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