Sober Network Inc. Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on StartEngine

Sober Network Inc. Launches Crowdfunding Campaign On StartEngine

Sober Network Inc. is one of the oldest and most reputable companies in the addiction sector. It is responsible for advancing tech solution for behavioral health markets. It has been in operation since 2000. Today, it announced that it was launching on the StartEngine platform, which is regulated by the SEC. The Reg CF Campaign was initiated to address the opioid addiction crisis in the US. By maximizing the use of the Sober Network’s existing brands, the company has implemented a unique ecosystem of care dubbed the Sober Economy.

The New Sober Economy Can Be Utilized

Referrals from are channeled to coaching or training. Users will be able to access the Sobersystems mobile app for the purposes of accountability. Just like frequent flier points of cash-back bonuses on credit card, Sobercoin will be used as a method of validating and rewarding those who stay sober and off drugs.

Sobercoin Target Markets

Sobercoin is going to be introduced in two markets. The first market will be the public. Anyone will be able to earn Sobercoin by registering as members of the sober Network online community, referring friends, or by utilizing the Sobersystems mobile app.

The second target market will be the existing treatment agencies that lose leverage with clients as they progress through the treatment programs. Sobercoin is going to be implemented as a reward for various treatment-oriented accomplishments.

Holders of the Sobercoin can participate in the Sober Economy for ads, training, or for coaching purposes. Plans will include collaborating with existing rewards programs that will be incorporated into this ecosystem. Those that are in recovery and anyone that chooses to support the recovering person can utilize it.

Sobercoin will move to its next level of growth to battle the addiction problem in America. They decided to settle on crowdfunding via StartEngine to go wide with their important message. According to the founder and president of the Sober Network, there is not a person in the US whose life has not been touched by addiction. This is a pivotal point where all can come together as a society and change lives with technology that is backed by science.

About Sober Network Inc.

This was a company formed by Harold Jonas, PhD, LMHC, CAP. It has evolved to become the larger provider of innovative digital solutions and award-winning apps for the healthcare sector. The Sober Network has national recognition and is run by an experienced team of professionals that want to bring about positive change. The team is at the forefront of offering the best technology for affected people and organizations in the addiction industry.

The Opioid Addiction Problem In The US

The opioid crisis is the worst addiction epidemic in the history of the US. This epidemic began in the late 90s and continued for the next two decades. Opioids are a class of powerful painkillers synthesized to resemble opiates such as heroin and morphine. Unfortunately, what starts out as a simple dependency usually spirals out of control and turns into an addiction later.

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