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As soon as you have already spent some time looking for ways to make money online, you have probably found some sites promising to make you rich with almost no effort at all. Today we will review Social Profimatic, which is one of these sites.

The site tries to sell a very simple idea to its clients: if you use it, you will be able to get more than $200 USD doing almost nothing in a single day. It does not explain in details how it does it. Also, the site is pretty new (it was founded at the end of February 2018).

Anyone who knows High Yield Investment Programs (HYIPs) knows that there are a lot of huge red flags here. Social Profimatic is almost certainly a bad investment, but we will talk more about it so you can be sure of that.

How To Invest In Social Profimatic

To invest in Social Profimatic, just register using your email and deposit money. You can deposit as much as you want (at least $10 USD). The company promises to pay 8% daily for the money you will lend to it. You can only pay using Bitcoin or Litecoin.

Social Profimatic states that you can withdraw your money whenever you want to.

Does Social Profimatic Really Pay?

The main question in any company which works like this is always the same: is it paying? Or better: is it a scam? The trouble is that it is impossible to know if the company is paying unless you invest and wait to see. It has a page for payouts, but the users have only usernames, so you cannot know for sure if they are real people or not.

As a rule, beware of companies which have pages for payouts if they do not offer any real proof.

The Social Profimatic Verdict

Avoid Social Profimatic. The company does not seem promising at all and it does not even look like it is trying too hard to do it.

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  1. Stop bashing Social Profimatic if you haven’t even tried it yourself. I profited over $300 since joining on March 6th. I have withdrew all my profits so far. It does work. They peoples user names are real too. Mine and my referrals names have shown up there every time we withdrew our funds.
    I don’t know if the site will continue to payout like it has been though. There are no guarantees and there are risks involved. My suggestion is to put into it only what you can afford to lose because you never know how long this will last.

  2. I deposited $3000 and its still pending for the last 2 months, did i get scamed or am i going to get my money back, cant get no answers, were is the support, when are they going to release the pending

  3. Also can not get my profits money out. My withdrawal has been pending for the last month even though it says 24 hours is all that is needed. No email or phone to contact anyone. Beware.

  4. Absolute fraud. They are not even bothering to pay out now. Like everything BTC related, it’s fraudulent.


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