An Honest Review Of The SocialGood Project

What Is SocialGood?

The Social project was established as a global activity, one that has been based on improving the society around. The project transcends religious, national, racial, and also cultural differences. And the good news is it has been open to everyone, so all the individuals around the world are able to participate in it.

One of the ways you can participate in this project is the cryptocurrency token the project has established. The tokens have been scheduled for listing on various exchanges in December 2018, this way you will be able to participate in the ‘SocialGood Ecosystem.’ If you buy now, you will be able to purchase one token at 50USD, but once it gets on the listed exchange one token will go for 100USD.

How SocialGood Cryptocurrency To Improve Society Works

The primary vision for this platform is to improve the society by participating in the SocialGood of the ecosystem. The company’s actions have all been based on their strong beliefs in strengthening the community around. The company’s means of changing the world is by expanding the SocialGood ecosystem initiative, one which will be able to provide a win-win situation for all individuals around, companies and also the society as a whole.

But this is not all the initiative is also connecting various individuals around the world, this is all thanks to the cryptocurrency being sold by the platform. The company hopes in spreading the ecosystem worldwide because as we know, the more people do the things that they love and believe in the more we will automatically make this world a much better place. It is by connecting the right individuals, society and companies at large.

The other good thing this platform will offer is a cash back payment every time you initiate a purchase in the ecosystem. The blockchain technology and AI have efficiently supported all. But this is not all as a portion of the cashback will be automatically donated through the AI system to the various organizations that are contributing to the society.

SocialGood Benefits

Once you are one of the SocialGood holders you will be able to receive cash back payments every time that you make a purchase. It is merely by holding a SocialGood that is in the SocialGood Ecosystem, for example, you can receive $50,000 cash back if you purchase a home for about $500,000.

The SocialGood project was designed in a way that the longer you hold it, then the higher the cash rate you will receive, an initiative that benefits all.

The SocialGood Asset Value

There is an excellent reason that the SocialGood price and also value keeps going up, the primary goal for the company is to expand the Social ecosystem; thus, it is significant for the platform to keep increasing the number of participants on the ecosystem. And for this particular reason, the company is firmly focusing on the rise of the project price, because in return this will increase the number of participants attracted to the cause.

SocialGood SG Token ICO Details

  • Token Symbol: SG
  • Token Sale Starts: 04/23/18
  • Token Sale Ends: 12/23/18
  • Token Standard: ERC-20 Compatible
  • Hard Cap: 500 Million

SocialGood Conclusion

The SocialGood has been developed with a good initiative, improving the society around while still rewarding you as an investor on the platform. So why not join the project in achieving their goal to have the SocialGood price surpass the total market value of the famous Bitcoin by the year 2020, by enhancing the current ecosystem.

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