If you are going to invest in cryptocurrencies and you’re genuinely fervent about it, one form of cryptocurrency investment to stay away from is the HYIPs. Sure, cryptocurrency scammers came in different forms led by shady cryptocurrency exchanges, fraudulent ICOs, fake wallets, and Bitcoin-stealing malware.

But even when the experience after losing funds is basically the same, the magnitude of it after investing in a Ponzi scheme is probably the worst. That’s because apart from having classy websites and enticing promises, they know who to target and how to package their lies. And then they disappear almost immediately, and without a trace, of course, after duping the masses.

Is Soin A Scam Or Legitimate HYIP?

Soin is the best place Where your future shines” as it promises? Let’s see.

Soin alleges to be the planet’s pioneering blockchain-based ‘dividend paying stock coin’ platform. It claims to be aimed at connecting blockchain technology with the conventional financial assets, and thus it’s creating a forum that brings together financial traders and investors. The community will be the hub where transparent, blockchain-powered investments will take place.

Going through this investment portfolio’s ‘About Us’ page, you can get the same definition, albeit with the following at the very end of it: a promise of 3% daily dividends to its investors.

The Soin Privacy Policy And Terms And Conditions Pages

Soin has them at the very bottom of the website. It has a few other pages, including the Affiliates, FAQs section, a Representatives page and a Support Center. But each page looks fishy with nothing meaningful and convincing to a savvy crypto investor. If you look at the Support Center, for instance, it seems a bit like a typical Contact Us page, and it has no direct phone numbers or email addresses of the support desk.

Soin Dividend Paying Stock Cryptocurrency Coin Features

  • Daily profits – investors will get 3% dividends from their investments daily, and the profits are directly credited to the user’s account at the end of the day.
  • Accepts Bitcoin – allegedly for liquidity in the market.
  • Instant withdrawals – you get to withdraw your earnings and ASAP get them in your wallet.
  • 24/7 customer support – another promise is the support desk that they claim to be available throughout the day, 7 days a week.

Who Are The Owners Of Soin And Where Are They Based?

At the ‘About Us’ page where this is supposed to have been explained, Soin has nothing about who owns the company or the source of the investment idea. The only social media page available is a Facebook page with barely a thousand Likes.

Who Makes Up The Leading Developers Of Soin?

Well, as you might guess, it is a team of innovative and industrious persons. Though they are unnamed, the site mentions financial markets gurus, investment managers, and media personalities.

Soin Verdict

  1. Why does it have no real owners’ details?
  2. Why does this UK-based investment company is speaking of no regulations whatsoever yet it has an able team of developers who probably wouldn’t love to engage in shady businesses?
  3. It is a coincidence that at the Support Center page, they contain details direct to 35 Northlake Dr, Conway, AR 72032, USA when the business is probably from the UK?
  4. Tell us about the Representatives, why does it have zero details?

Well, YOU be the judge!

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  1. I wondered about the address myself. As I live in LR, AR. I looked it up on google, And this is a farm house in a rural housing development. It’s also listed as being for sale in the realtor guide! Also Conway is very strict about running a business in a residence. So there’s that. Great article you wrote,


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