The combined capacity of the meat, milk and vegetable market in Russia has been stagnant for over a decade. Extension of food embargo, rising inflation and devaluation of the currency are some of the problems contributing to this economic stagnation. Production of crops are becoming increasingly unfavourable owing to an increasingly unfavourable and erratic weather conditions.

Sol Invictus is going to solve these problems while being profitable in the process.

What Is Sol Invictus AgroShare Token?

Sol Invictus is the application of the most advanced Agro technologies and the aim to feed humanity and at the same time make good money doing so. It is an opportunity for the personnel to use Blockchain technology in the process of technological management of the most advanced agricultural production methodologies.

They want to produce the widest possible range of food products while minimizing the costs of production. They want to create an autonomous, deeply integrated agro-industrial complex with a qualitatively necessary and sufficient volume of reproduction of feed for the ripening of poultry, livestock and fish. At the core of the economic model of the functioning of the agro complex lies the understanding of the need for maximum thrift in relation to all components involved in the production process. The technological process of interaction between production modules is formed in a way that the waste of one production serves as a raw material base for the other. Just to give a perspective of their economic efficiency, broilers produced by their model is twice cheaper than its competitors.

Their goal is not only the domestic Russian market but the international market. Their products are being developed by keeping an export nature in mind.

Sol Invictus Agricultural Farm Production Coin Advantages

Autonomous Production:

They are shifting to a completely autonomous production which does not need connection to communication of a social infrastructure. Replacing old systems with automatic models will make the entire apparatus more efficient.

Integration Of Products:

The use technological wastes of one production module for creation of products of other productions.

Reduced Production Costs:

Integration of products and making the system autonomous dramatically reduces the costs of production.

Increase Demands:

Their enhanced supply chain will increase demands and cater to its needs for both international and domestic markets.

Innovative Technologies:

They use revolutionary techniques including industrial anabolism that significantly increases performance and quality of a commodity. They even invest in hothouse complex, a hybrid combination of building with animals and the greenhouse.

Sol Invictus AgroShare ICO Details

Total capitalization of Sol Invictus is 700,000 tokens with 280,000 tokens being offered for sale. Name of the token is “AgroShare” and is based on Ethereum’s ERC20 platform. Each AgroShare is priced at 0.1 Ethereum.

They offer to enclose an investor’s existing cryptocurrency in their business by creating a deeply integrated, non-volatile agricultural complex. Being aware of the volatility of the cryptocurrency, they undertake to use the funds invested solely as collateral for the borrowed funds necessary to purchase the relevant equipment, construction and working capital. Dividends paid will be fixed in accordance with the rate of the cryptocurrency on the day of the acquisition of tokens.

Sol Invictus AgroShare Token Conclusion

Sol Invictus point out the problems in food production in Russia without implying how they are going to solve it. Their Whitepaper doesn’t look convincing. Even their website looks made by amateurs. No information about the founders or the team can be found on the website. There are other red flags like not having a company EMail address and more. It is advised that you take a look at the company with a skeptical lens before investing.

More can be found out about the company and their token on their website

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