There is a saying that diamonds are a girl's best friend. It could be that diamonds and other precious gemstones sparkle and enhance the elegance of a woman. It could be because gemstones have always been a sign of prestige and status.

After all, what girl doesn't dream about being honored with a diamond ring for her engagement? But gemstones and diamonds go beyond just the occasional proposal. They are gifts that adore the owner. That is why they are in demand. Which is also why they are an excellent product to invest in.

That is where Solis.Land comes in. With Solis, you can now get your hands on the opportunity to mine these precious commodities and earn a pretty penny along the way.

Diamonds and other gemstones will never go out of fashion. They are the accessory to the ensemble for fashion. It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, precious gemstones will always be around.

What Is Solis?

According to, Solis.Land was registered April 18, 2017. The site is set to private. You will, however, find one name that is linked to the site, Mr. Richard Eddison. Mr. Eddison isn't listed with any title to the company. He is just a random face and name plastered on the site.

While the “CEO” page does offer a message from the Managing Partner, it doesn't say if Mr. Eddison is that managing partner. Usually you will find the title linked to the name, but in this case, all you have is a name with no official title.

Another thing you will notice when looking over the site is how there is no address for the company provided. You may also notice there is no phone number for you to use to get in touch with anyone. All that is listed on the site is a chat window and a generic email address of ‘[email protected]'.

Solis Product

Solis.Land doesn't offer any retail products or services. You will only find investment packages for purchase. This usually means that the only thing a member can do is promote the site and investment plans to other people in hopes of earning some kind of commission when they invest in the company.

Solis Opportunity

According to the site, there are 14 levels of their affiliate program. The site doesn't go into much detail about how much an affiliate has to invest in order to get started. It does, however, explain the percentage you can earn through the bonuses you receive.

Level 1 is listed as earning an 8% bonus. While levels 2 – 4 offers a bonus of 1%. Then you have levels 5, 11, and 13 which shows you can earn 2% while level 6 and 10 has a bonus of 2.5%. Levels 7 and 9 offers a 3% bonus. Level 8 offers a 3.5% bonus. Last you have levels 12 and 14 which lists your earning potential to be 1.5%.

Solis Verdict

There are several red flags that come up when looking at Solis.Land. First off, the fact that the company has only been online for a few months should make you wonder if they are worth investing in. After all, the company claims they have the best jewelers around. But there is no proof of said jewelers nor is there any address of the company to go to and see.

The other red flag that comes up is the grammar. For the most part, everything looks and reads well. But there are a few minor mistakes. If a company that deals with fine commodities like diamonds are trying to impress they would have all their bases covered. They would want to project an image of excellence and not have such little mistakes sprinkled throughout the site.

Another red flag is the inconsistency of the bonuses. Most sites offer a consistent percentage usually going up in percentage with the higher levels. Solis.Land is all over the place. By simply looking at their chart you would assume the best level to stay in would be level 8 where you can earn the most percentage bonus of 3.5%.

Diamonds and other precious gemstones are well worth investing in. They will always be in fashion and will always fetch you a pretty penny if you sell them. However, you should be wary of any companies that say you can ‘mine' the gemstones by investing in their company. Unless you are out in the field actually digging up the stones, you might want to steer clear of the online opportunities.

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