SONM Finally Live After a Two-Day Countdown

SONM is finally available to the public after nearly a year of work on their blockchain platform. They have managed to reach each platform. They have even managed to join various programs and establish partnerships with Hacken and Dbrain. SONM held their Testnet launch in June, ensuring that they would deliver their platform on time.

How SONM Works

SONM’s focus is to offer computing resources within a decentralized marketplace. Users are essentially suppliers in the ecosystem, and their role is to rent out GPU, CPU, RAM, or storage space that is presently unused. Customers pay a small fee, which compensates the suppliers. The customers then still get the computing power, but without the hardware they would typically need.

The overall goal is to create a service that Amazon’s AWS can envy, providing fog computing. Fog computing is a lot like cloud computing, except that it does not need high-powered hardware. Any device can contribute to the power, whether they are smartphones, PC’s, or even gaming consoles. With this service available to a wide range of customers, they do not have to pay too much for the services.

The SONM organized in a way that the public could participate in a Q&A session over a month ago. They divided the information into several categories, including suppliers, customers, investors, and solutions.


The suppliers on the network are the individuals and businesses that offer their computing resources to be rented out. There are three types of groups of suppliers. The two most common suppliers are ones that are everyday PC users that can turn the system into a node for extra income, and server admins that can offer excess capacity for the full potential profits.

The third option takes up a large group – crypto miners that use their equipment as a node instead of directly mining.


Customers are considered anyone in the ecosystem that qualifies as users, businesses, or organizations that rents from a network supplier. Consumers are provided with lower fees than the average for services.


The investors can trade SNM or they can join with a PoS masternode. SNM can be traded as ETH or BTC pairs on several different exchanges.


The livenet allows real-world tasks to be completed. Their four primary use-case solutions include:

SONM Future And Conclusion

Even with the active livenet, the network is not ready yet. The company is still working to make much of their planned actions possible, including simultaneous use on multiple platforms and the application of masternodes. However, experts agree that SONM appears to be strong with plenty of ways to integrate it into the industry.

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