SONM, or Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining, is an Ethereum-based network for globally distributed computing power. Find out everything you need to know about the service today in our review.

What Is SONM?

SONM, found online at, stands for Supercomputer Organized by Network Mining. The organization is preparing for its ICO on June 15, 2017.

SONM is a universal fog supercomputer based on the Ethereum blockchain in order to provide globally distributed computing power. The goal of the SONM project is to provide a safe and cost efficient way to run general purpose computing workloads from game servers to scientific calculations using a free marketplace.

Cloud computing has been exploding with growth over the past decade. SONM aims to move the world past cloud computing into a more efficient world of fog computing.

SONM decentralizes computing power, which reduces the need for buildings, infrastructure, and administration. That means cheaper costs and better access to processing power for those who need it.

In layman’s terms, SONM wants to make it easy for anyone to access the power of supercomputers – even if they don’t have access to a university or government institution with a supercomputer. Today, these supercomputers are required for a wide variety of applications – including everything from scientific projects to video rendering.

Of course, SONM can be used for more than just high-end applications requiring enormous supercomputing power. The service can also be used for smaller purposes – like running game servers or hosting websites. SONM’s users can access as much or as little computing power as they wish, then use that power for whatever purpose.

Who provides this processing power? That’s where miners come in. SONM is catered towards miners who want to utilize their processing power for profit. Currently, this processing power is used to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum.

However, these miners face the threat that their equipment will be banned or their algorithm will be changed to PoS.

Using SONM, miners can set their computers to always choose the most profitable venture. They can let their processing power contribute to that venture, then reap the rewards. SONM can also be used on more than just computers: it can be used on tablets, smartphones, or even game consoles like your PlayStation.

Uses For SONM

We hinted at some of these uses above. Here are some of the potential uses for SONM according to the official website:

Scientific Applications

Important scientific calculations frequently require massive computing power, making them ideal candidates for SONM. Some of the possible uses for SONM in the world of science include:

  • Social statistics
  • Climate predictions
  • Bioinformatics
  • Aerodynamic calculations
  • Drug development
  • Modeling
  • Meteor trajectory modelling

Site Hosting

Website owners can reduce the costs of web hosting while avoiding depending on centralized cloud services (like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) and hosting providers. You can collect payments in SONM or ether tokens and prolong hosting automatically.

Game Servers

Exchange in-game currency for game server hosting. SONM has created a specific game server solution that works out of the box. That means miners can support their favorite game servers by providing computer resources in exchange for game tokens. Game servers with enough users will be able to run smoothly without the need for real-world currency.

Neural Networks Projects

SONM specifically mentions neural networks projects on its official website. SONM wants to be a cost-efficient and effective solution for neural networks projects – something that frequently requires enormous processing power.

In the future, SONM explains, “SONM computing resources will be used for the management of developing computer-neuronal interfaces by uniting them into one network”.

Rendering Video & CGI

Rendering video and CGI can take enormous processing power. Using the SONM network, you can render CGI video in a matter of minutes. SONM promises fast processing for CGI computing due to SONM’s infrastructural flexibility.

Web Apps

SONM lets developers move all back-end calculations to “the fog” using SONM resources. Web applications can be run in the decentralized SONM network instead of the centralized cloud server.

SONM For Miners

SONM rewards miners with calculations for the real world. With traditional cryptocurrencies – like Bitcoin or Ethereum – miners face the possibility that their equipment will be banned or the algorithm will be changed to PoS.

In the SONM system, miners have an advantage: the miner’s power is used for efficient calculations and processing tasks, so you’ll stop burning your kilowatts and you’ll start serving calculations for the distributed internet.

Another advantage of SONM for miners is that you can use any smart device to contribute to SONM, including a CPU, GPU, smartphone, or even a PlayStation.

One final advantage is profit maximization: SONM is based on a multi-agent system, which means every user of the system can use SONM’s intelligent agents and smart contracts to maximize their profit.

You can customize the automation level with the option of choosing every project manually. Or, you can use a one-button setting where SONM will automatically choose the most profitable project for you.

After you’ve contributed your mining power to a particular project, SONM will send direct payouts to your personal account in Ethereum.

SONM For Clients

For clients, SONM promises to offer the following advantages:

Cost Efficiency:

Fog computing is cheaper than the private, monopolized cloud services we see today (like the services offered by Amazon, Microsoft, Google, etc.). SONM promises lower traffic expenses – after all, in a decentralized system, there’s no need for administrative costs like buildings, staff, and infrastructure.


SONM doesn’t have a centralized authority that regulates the distribution of computing resources. SONM offers clients tools for anonymity like proxy or TOR.

Tokens Ecosystem:

SONM has designed its ecosystem to revolve around tokens, and each business can customize what those tokens do. Businesses can offer discounts and promotions for tokens, for example, in exchange for computing power.

Rapid Data Transfer:

SONM uses a torrent protocol to rapidly distribute data from clients and hubs. That means less time wasted uploading files onto a server.

Easy To Setup & Manage:

The SONM system always finds the best equipment for your computational tasks, and runs with no need for setup and dedicated server support.

About SONM

SONM was founded by Sergey Ponomarev and Andrey Voronkov. Prior to launching SONM, Sergey created other blockchain technologies, while Andrey led a distributed computing project called [email protected], which used the power of different computing devices worldwide to facilitate pharmaceutical research.

You can contact the company by email at [email protected] or through their contact form.


SONM’s ICO starts on June 15, 2017. The ICO has a funding cap of 273,399 ETH and is scheduled to last for 1 month (till July 15, 2017) or until the maximum funding amount is reached.

Users can participate in the ICO using BTC, ETH, and other major cryptocurrencies. You can also make a deposit using altcoins through ShapeShift. Buyer’s bonuses are also available.

SONM Conclusion

Ultimately, SONM plans to democratize the world of processing power. The platform will move the world past cloud computing into a world of “fog computing”.

It could have an enormous impact on a number of different industries – including everything from game servers to neural network mapping to pharmaceuticals. Watch for more information about SONM to come out as we get closer to the ICO.

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