Sony's PlayStation 5 (PS5) Could Include Blockchain-Powered DRM System

Sony May Surprise Its Users By Launching PS5 With Blockchain Powered DRM

Sony’s gaming console PlayStation 5 is to be launched with a surprise element being added to it. The next Gen PS5 features can have a disc drive and blockchain powered DRM (Digital rights management) technique.

In the YouTube series called Pachter Report, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter discloses about the surprise element that the new Sony PS5 can come with a disc drive.

With this news, people are quite shocked and they feel that this new feature will not be of any use as by the changing time the games has shifted its base to online using cloud platforms. So by adding a disc in new PS5 will be useless to them which is anyway outdated.

Big Questions On The Survival Of Physical Games

One of the gaming website company ‘Gamingbolt’ recommended that there could be differences in the relations between retailers and hardware manufactures by eliminating the disc drive from PS5. There is a lot of probability that the companies will take back the trade-ins digitals which will create a loss to the gaming users and also it depends on one factor, i.e the survival of physical games.

The above scenario for trade-ins can be possible when a new patent is done by the company for DRM (Digital Rights Management). By upgrading the PS5 with a feature like a blockchain powered DRM it will the users in their purchases forever. Companies are not practicing the right process and thus they are becoming unreliable. One of the advantages by DRM to the users will be that if they are engaged in any trade-ins or sells the game they could digitally transfer the rights to the game.

All Eyes To Sony Playstation PS5

There are more updates about the new PS5 yet to come later this month. It is expected that users will get more updates about PS5 in the E3 gaming expo. There is still a question about the releasing date of the new gaming console but the experts have predicted it to be launched in 2020.

Fighting Piracy With DRM.

Privacy is one of the major problems that the gaming companies are facing up to date. There is no doubt about the digital gaming has solved these problems to a great extent. Sony’s idea of launching a new DRM is to fight privacy. The losses that the gaming companies are facing are majorly owing to privacy.

Their strategy behind taking the console online with physical games package and digital signatures would help them making profits and also over time they can win the battle to become the market leaders.

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