Sooloox CAK ICO

Nowadays consumers are the sources of the funds circulating in the advertising industry, and the sad fact is that they supply the data used in numerous realms and they know nothing about it. Eventually, this data leads to the generation of significant earnings, and the consumers who provided it never get the slightest compensation or rewards.

But now there is a bright side to all this, the Sooloox platform is coming in to change all this by giving consumers the ability to earn from their data, and it is out to take the stage by storm.

What is the Sooloox CAK ICO?

The Sooloox CAK platform works on the concept of Interest Dimension and Transaction Box, known as the IDTX. Since interest usually forms the basis of demand for products and services, IDTX comes in handy to help with availing the interest of suppliers in what is known as leads.

Perhaps the best thing about this platform is that users can play several roles at once; that is, one can be a user as a customer and make money with the leads, also known as interest-leads. Similarly, the same user can come in as a vendor and buy the leads to make them transaction leads.

Above all, the platform can match interest and product offers, making it the ideal tool for both companies and consumers needs alike. It looks like the future of advertising and online marketing industry starts here.

Why Idtx Matters for the Consumers and Companies

For consumers

  • Offers opportunity to earn with personal data
  • Generates revenue via the transactions
  • Unspecified requests become easy to fulfill
  • Finding matching ads and product offers becomes a breeze

For the Companies

  • Increase in sales
  • Lowered advertising costs
  • Low transaction costs
  • Attaining actual interests
  • Facilitation of product development

About User Accounts

Another thing that Sooloox provides is various USER accounts that can be used for the different transaction on playing the various roles.

A Start account allows one to use the platform, as well as enabling users to earn the financial revenue. Better yet, it is free.

A Cash account enables the user to make payments and withdraw their earnings. However, this type of account is chargeable through a fixed fee as well as transaction fees.

Cash Account Key (CAK)

In essence, a start account can become a cash account when you add a key (known as CAK). This key can be purchased by users who want to earn the right to collect fees for the cash account through renting, selling or just using the using it for their cash account.

The key is an integer that you can purchase through Sooloox ICO, and decide whether to use it or sell. Remarkably, the platform has a potential for over 200 million companies and 3.4 billion consumers the world over, and only 10 million CAK keys in the ICO, which is less than 1% of the platform’s market volume.

Top ICO goals

ICO boils down to four major goals; soft, normal, middle and a hard cap. The soft cap is the minimum amount that should be covered lest the project is suspended, especially if the internet to the platform is low.

The normal cap is the amount to allow launching a project and development of the basic application. Middle cap is for developing all applications and building buffers for any possible future expenses while the hard cap is for starting marketing for the platform.

Is Sooloox Genuine?

Looking at the potential that Sooloox packs up its sleeve, and considering that users will be in total control of their CAKs, deciding whether to use, sell or rent it, is safe to say this platform is completely legit. Not forgetting, there is a lot in it for the users, since there are attractive “Early bird” bonuses for the first-time buyers.

Remember that participating in Sooloox is only possible with ETHER, so you just have to ensure your wallet is ERC20 compatible.

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