In most cryptocurrency exchanges, it is the order book that determines the prevailing demand and supply. This creates liquidity problems making it difficult for big orders to be filled at favorable rates. With SorBase, this will be a thing of the past.

SorBase-The Solution

SorBase is designed to scan several exchanges, breaks an order into smaller bits and gets the order filled at the best rates in the market. SorBase is all about efficiency in cryptocurrency order execution, through smart order routing across 25 of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.

SorBase-The Concept

SorBase scans more than 25 exchanges using computer algorithms. The algorithm collects data, synchronizes it and offers the best rates with minimal order slippage.

SorBase- Investor Benefits

All investors will have a clear idea as to how they will benefit from their investment in the SorBase ICO. This is a break from many other ICOs out there that are unclear as to how investors will make a return on their investments.

SorBase- Business Model Clarity

SorBase will follow a clearly laid down business model, that is easy to understand, and is focused on solving the existing liquidity problems in most exchanges through a smart order routing algorithm.

SorBase- Jurisdiction

On top of having jurisdiction in most locations across the world, SorBase also has jurisdiction in Europe, one of the most important cryptocurrency markets in the world.


SorBase is licensed which means that investors can rest assured that their money is legally protected. This sets SorBase apart from the many scams that now dot the ICO landscape.


One of the most important aspects of any ICO is a functional prototype as it indicates the seriousness of the team. SorBase has a prototype that makes it easy for investors to understand what SorBase is all about.

SorBase- The Team

The team behind SorBase is made up of professionals with experience in blockchain and other information technologies, as well as project management.  The advisors are also experienced in cryptocurrencies, one of them being behind the highly successful

SorBase- Token Value Growth

To give value to investors, SorBase will get a commission from every transaction that goes through the SorBase platform. These commissions will only be payable through the Sor token. As the client numbers grow, the commissions and demand for Sor will grow, and so will the value of Sor tokens that investors hold.

SorBase- Token Sale

SorBase is aiming to raise 105,000 Ether. To raise this amount, SorBase will offer 75 million Sor tokens that will be sold at 0.002 Eth each. SorBase intends to launch the presale initial coin offer in early 2018. A month after the coin offer, the tokens will be distributed, then traded on major cryptocurrency exchanges.

SorBase – Bonus Offer

SorBase will offer 1.5 Sor for every 0.002 of Eth spent presale.  On launch date, the bonus will be 1.2 Sor tokens for every 0.002 Eth spent in this ICO.

After that the first week, the bonuses will be issued as follows:

  • Week 2: 1.15 Sor tokens for every 0.002 Eth spent
  • Week 3: 1.1 Sor tokens for every 0.002 Eth spent
  • Week 4: 1.05 Sor tokens for every 0.002 spent
  • Final week: 1 Sor for every 0.002 Eth spent

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