SOSR is a project aimed at curbing the problems brought about by inappropriate disposal of organic waste. The programs focus on three core axes; Sustainability, Organic waste disposal, and Soil Recovery, hence the name SOSR. The project involves the use of enhanced heating mechanisms to speed up the decomposition process. Moreover, the program is ran in collaboration with elite biotechnology labs and is invigorated by a world-class enzyme decomposition technology.

Problem SOSR Seeks To Solve

According to the UN Agencies UNAFS and FAO, human beings produce over a billion tons of food waste on an annual basis. These leftovers are responsible for 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. Evidently, these wastes are an issue of major concern to the environment, as it is threatened by the ever-growing volume of garbage.

The increase in global population considerably worsens the situation. The existing waste disposal infrastructure is inadequate and/or inefficient, resulting in proliferation of other problems, including disease, bad odor, soli pollution, congestion, and eyesores, particularly in urban areas. Despite the adverse effects of careless waste disposal, mankind still ignores the call to adopt efficient means of discarding garbage.

Developed countries are the biggest culprit regarding waste production. While these countries possess the resources required to manage these wastes, the methods that they employ are not 100% efficient. As a result, a substantial portion of the resultant gases end up polluting the environment.

Blockchain Technology And Global Waste Treatment

Centralization of management resources is perhaps the biggest challenge to the treatment of organic waste. This coupled up with obsolete technology and disparity in infrastructure distribution further intensifies this menace. Contrariwise, a blockchain-based system disrupts this oligopolistic trend. It will become easier to keep records of the scope of organic waste produced in various locations across the globe. Furthermore, the data can be used as a reference point when planning for the future.

The decentralization aspect of blockchain technology will bring about trustlessness and transparency, as each nod on the network can store, validate and exchange data. Together with the efforts of other stakeholder such as environmental activist groups, industrialists, large scale framers, and scholars, the SOSR ecosystem will establish a food waste data chain. This is an immutable database that will be used to compile a guideline on how to effectively manage organic waste for the good of the environment.

SOSR Token

SOSR will issue a total of 50,000,000 SOSR coins during the ICO intended to raise funds for the project. The proceeds of the crowdsale will be directed towards the completion of the physical recycling plant. The project will award the contributors with quarterly dividends as per the profits made during that period. Also, a portion will be set aside for airdrops and repurchases.

SOSR ICO Information

  • Token name – SOSR Coin
  • Token Symbol – $O$R
  • Private presale start date – 10th April, 2018
  • Private presale end date – 9th May, 2018
  • Public ICO start date – 10th May, 2018
  • Public ICO end date – 9th June, 2018
  • Accepted Coins – BTC, ETH, KCOIN
  • Soft cap – $1.5 million
  • Hard cap – $ 25 million

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