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South Korea Corp to Improve Music CopyRight Management via Amazon Blockchain

CJ Corp, an IT department in the South Korean government, is planning on making use of the Amazon blockchain technology in a bid to improve efficiency on the music copyright management in their country.

The Amazon Managed Blockchain is put in use by the CJ OliveNetworks on their brand new digital copyright system. It is the system currently being used for tracking and recording music that is to be broadcasted. This is according to Yonhap, which is a local news agency on September 19.

The department has put in use the Elemental MediaConvert, which is a video transcoding service that is file-based from the Amazon Web Services. This service is responsible for extracting and recognizing music content from the broadcasting data.

Safe Data Storage and Sharing

The report claimed that the electronic blockchain-enabled copyright platform aims at bringing more transparency in the music copyright industry. The technology will be there to ensure there is fair play among the musicians. It will also provide secure storing and sharing tools for the players in the industry.

The technology will also include undeterred ways of mutual verification on the platform. The South Korean company says that adoption of this blockchain technology is beneficial to all stakeholders. These include all the copyright societies and broadcasters.

The Warner Music Group which is a global media giant disclosed on September 12 that they are using public blockchain that is backed by the Dapper Labs creator CryptoKitties. This technology will be used in creating digital assets.

Bitfury, who is a Bitcoin and blockchain mining manufacturer, previously launched a Bitfury Surround Venture. This venture was tasked with assisting artists in having a fairer business income model and also an open-source of the South Korean music industry.

Amazon Web Services announced on September 11 that they were launching an Amazon quantum ledger database. The ledger database was described as a brand new kind of database that provides transparency to the users. This database is also to be responsible for cryptographical and immutable verification of transactions made in a central trusted authority.



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