What Is SoyCoin?

SoyCoin is a platform that combines blockchain technology, green technology, and real industry. The platform offers green technology solution and uses soybean to fuel a network of mining farms that is independent of the centralized power supply system.

The goods that will be produced using SoyCoin will be bought by use of cryptocurrencies. This will allow small and medium enterprises to seek raw materials from the SoyCoin production plants and encourage the adoption of digital currency.

SoyCoin Advantages

  • Uses green technology to produce industrial products
  • Uses an independent network of industrial mining that has almost no electricity cost
  • Allows for the use of cryptocurrencies in everyday lives
  • Adaptation of green energy and power in the industry
  • Development does not depend on the cryptocurrency infrastructure
  • Uses blockchain technology in real life industry
  • Produces organic productions using blockchain technology
  • It is the largest network of enterprises in different industries
  • Will create many new jobs
  • It will develop allied industries.

How SoyCoin Crowdsale Production Project Works

Most mining industries use outdated techniques to generate their revenue. These techniques constantly harm the environment and degrade the ecosystem. Soycoin is set to create the first soybean energy solution. The platform will provide green energy to mining farms while keeping the environment intact. The project further recycles the waste produced from the production to make ready-made products such as fertilizers, fodder proteins, and biofuel.

The processing of the waste will provide electric power that will be in the form of biogas that will be used by mining farms. The mining farms will provide the participant with income and will unite the mining industry to the cryptocurrency industry.

The products produced by the mining farms and all the transaction in the SoyCoin platform will be kept safe and secure on the blockchain. Blockchain technology will also make the transactions transparent.

The vision of the AASR Group who are the developers of the SoyCoin platform is to be the global leader in the provision of modern industrial products. The company hopes to achieve this by the use of blockchain technology in their projects. Cryptocurrency will be used as the means to fund the firm projects while the real industry will be a source of synergy between the consumers of its goods and services and the use of cryptocurrencies.

Despite this great vision, cryptocurrency is not in the mainstream, and most retailers do not accept it as a means of exchange. Cryptocurrency also has low trading volumes. ASSAR group hopes to involve consumers and small business and encourage them to purchase goods made by the plant by use of cryptocurrency. The small businesses producing goods using SoyCoin projects raw materials will sell the products in retail shops. The shops will, in turn, accept cryptocurrencies.

The SoyCoin project corresponds to several state industry programs that have been adopted by the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

SoyCoin ICO SYC Details

The SYC is an ERC-20 token Compatible with the Ethererum blockchain. The token will be used for the purchase of goods and services of future productions of the SoyCoin projects. The tokens will also be used to pre-order future goods. The crowdsale of the token is in a bid to raise funds for the promotion of the project and its marketing and advertising campaigns.

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