Over the past years, we have seen negative headlines regarding North Korea's Missile program. Historically, there isn't much that comes from the tiny nation except negative news regarding the regime and country in general. However, today you might get to learn of a less-destructive idea apparently from North Korea's very own Supreme leader. The idea plans to fuse cryptocurrency and space travel to achieve North Korea's domination of the cosmic universe. Here’s how the country launches their blockchain fight.

About SpaceKim ICO

SpaceKim is an aggressive crypto project form North Korea with an aim to make an international milestone by achieving the country's first cosmic campaign. SpaceKim is an apparent brainchild of North Korea Socialist leader Kim Jong-un, who want to replace Western dominance on matters of space. To achieve this the Beloved Father, Kim Jong-un will rely on crypto funding from Juche adherents form North Korea and the world. That is about the considerable cost that often comes with funding moon travel and programs.


The SpaceKim project will work under a cryptocurrency (KIM), which is an ERC-20 token.  The DPRK'S Central Crypto bank will allow for trade and exchange of the KIM tokens to crypto coins such as BTC, BCH, ETH or LTC.


The SpaceKim app will work to connect the investors to the project management and update them on the progress. Additionally, it will be a communication channel for the platform's users within Android and iOS devices.

The Space Program

To achieve their cosmic history, North Korea's Kin Jong-Un will have the ICO funds go into the development of their space rocket to enable them to reach and dominate the moon. The machine, Pulgasari-1 is a thermonuclear mechanical vehicle designed to ensure onlookers and bystanders get to experience the ultra-fast, and comfortable lunar missions can become, not only for astronauts but also familiar individual.

The Rocket has an internal system of the domestic Juche-based Artificial intelligence that categorically ranks and substantiates the capability of the vehicle. Additionally, it also works on an entirely reusable fuel to ensure full utilization of the fuel while protecting the environment.

SpaceKim Benefits

Convenience: The use of SpaceKim application allows for convenient access to potential beneficial moon land dissemination procedure. Not to mention, blockchain provides for communication interdependence through its decentralized nature.

Safety: blockchain technology and especially Ethereum is a sure way to win customers due to its emphasis on user anonymity and protection of their identity.

Ownership Rights: each investor, get to own a part of the moon land through the use of smart contract technology to secure the tokens. Become part of a broader scheme to create victorious interstellar socialism through the moon land vouchers.

SpaceKim's Verdict

Many factors could underwrite SpaceKim as joke crypto to most investors. First off, the information is less educative on the matters of the project, as most of the information is often borderline comical. Additionally, there isn't any official confirmation as to the authenticity of the project, and this overwrites it as a scam or more of a practical joke. However, if there is a definite plot twist, SpaceKim's status improve you could see a lot of positives form the project. For now, SpaceKim remains more of a comical political statement by a bunch of less enthusiastic Kim Jong-Un's supporters.

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