Spacesuit X

Analyzing Digital Assets With Spacesuit X

More often than not, the mention of Spacesuit X will leave many people thinking of space exploration and the likes. Not to mention, the platform's catchphrase seems to point more at a space exploration firm rather than a blockchain platform. However, this is further from the reality of what Spacesuit X entails. Spacesuit X is a tool that helps crypto investors analyze the merits of capitalizing in coins, ICOs, tokens and other similar projects of the blockchain.

The project is freeware under the Creative Commons and is used to compute and publish investment analysis. Under Spacesuit X, an investor or analyst uses a rating scale of 0-100 and ten categories when considering what tokens, coins or ICO that will have the best returns.

If an investor feels a cryptocurrency has good potential they might give it a rate of 8 or higher. Once each category is added up, the coin with the highest score indicates a potential profit. Still, this depends on some factors as each analyst or investor can assign their criteria for evaluation of their digital assets. As a matter of fact, the weighting of the digital assets is different in each category although the default in use is ten.

What You Stand to Gain

With the high number of new altcoins and ICOs popping up, calculating their future potential might prove to be a challenge. Nevertheless, if you are interested in analyzing modern crypto daily, then SPACESUIT X is an ideal tool to help you. You are set to be provided with a flexible analysis system that can be adjusted to meet your preferences. The categories further help an analyst or investor to rate their digital assets with regards to which factor they feel affects the asset the most.

On the other hand, SPACESUIT X can be used to calculate any coin or token on offer. This is a somewhat unique technology since very few tools allow for such capabilities across the board.

Additionally, beginners are getting a free and open source analysis methodology for any digital asset you want to calculate. In return, you get to save money you could have spent paying for a subscription to a crypto analysis software. This makes SPACESUIT X stand out since much of crypto world tools and software always come at a price for the clients.

Spacesuit X Verdict

Whereas SPACESUIT X is not the first of its kind, the tool stands out due to its flexibility and inexpensive. Any user gets a chance to calculate how their digital asset will perform at the no expense at all. In the crypto world, this is profoundly important since not all assets achieve the same. SPACESUIT X can help one determine where to invest and make the best out of it.

In simpler terms, SPACESUIT X is a tool that can help you make a much wiser investment whereas saving you from failure. If you feel this is what you are looking for, then you can access SPACESUIT X's calculator on their website and learn the ropes on how to use it.

However, the calculator is not full proof of making an investment decision and the call to invest lie solely with your analyst. SPACESUIT X will only fine-tune your decision-making process but is an excellent tool to keep your investment on track.

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