For the most part, many private entities have been adopting blockchain technology. However, the adoption seems to be migrating to public entities as well – such as governments. The most recent government to push for the adoption of blockchain technology is Spain.

The country’s conservative party argues that its government would benefit from the utilization of blockchain technology because it will promote efficiency. Nearly 133 deputies from the party submitted a blockchain-related proposal to Spain’s Congress of Deputies, which is the lower chamber of Spain’s parliament.

The proposal recommended the adoption of the technology to improve,

“internal processes and traceability, robustness and transparency in decision making.”

The proposal further continued to identify that,

“The introduction of blockchain – in administrative concessions, contracting or internal processes – will encourage greater control, traceability and transparency in the process. In addition, the use of this technology can also bring extra revenue to the Administration through the promotion of new models of exchange of rights in sectors such as logistics, tourism, or infrastructure.”

In addition to the above recommendations, the proposal also identified that it would be necessary to train developers to improve the implementation of the technology as much as possible.

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