One exciting aspect of the blockchain technology is the rise of decentralized applications into our existing solutions. Potentially every developer, individual or organization interested in blockchain is seeking to harness the capabilities of decentralized applications. Fortunately, a blockchain venture is set to provide for the most novel of services which assist users in building their own model of DApp from scratch. Here's more on that potential possibility.


SPARKSTER is a decentralized platform aiming to democratize the application development process by cultivating a functional software skill services for users. With more entities examining the possible benefits of these decentralized applications, Sparkster hopes their vision of democratizing the access to software innovation will help users make their ideas into realities. That is in line with Sparkster's vision to provide software skills and tools for the customers looking to leap forward by building their first decentralized applications. Sparkster hopes the following features will help cultivate the app making process among many more.

The SPARKSTER Platform

  • Drag and drop interfaces for users to present a possible sample of their DApp design and features
  • Define application behavior in plain English for the less-than-tech-savvy users
  • Integration option for the application testing in an actual real-world realty

Sparkster Decentralized Cloud

As an effort to revolutionize cloud computing, Sparkster provides for a decentralized cloud platform to sustain the application's transactions and empower the application owners

What Are The Basics Of Sparkster?

The Sparkster concept will have users choose the type of account they would want, with individual and business the available options. Once with an account license, one can proceed to evaluate possible newfound skills which will go into making applications to solve real-world business problems. If the user is in need of the app server, they get to upgrade to a business account which requires funding to facilitate the fees and application development.

sparkster homepage

Why Use Sparkster?

  • Faster app development is evident with Sparkster's use of a Plain English code system to replace the typical code syntax
  • Reduction in cost of app development compared to using traditional developers
  • Seamless application operations which are as a result of the Sparkster Decentralized Cloud transaction rate (TPS) that accelerates the process.

The Final Take On Sparkster's Concept

Overall, Sparkster is not presenting a novel idea since there already exists multiple ventures which are working to provide many similar services. However, their coding language is a unique feature for the platform and could present a single and straightforward selling point.

Additionally, Sparkster already has a working product in their cloud service possessing a TPS rate of 6k transactions. All-in-all, the Sparkster venture looked determined and concentrated on getting the project to work, and this is potentially positive in regards to the future of the project.

Token Information And ICO Sale

Pre-ICO: Starts from May 3, 2018, till July 1, 2018

  • Sold to token holders- 69%
  • Sparkster Initial Investors- 20%
  • Sparkster team- 10%
  • Sparkster’s Dreamers charity- 1%

ICO Details

  • Token symbol- SPARK
  • Begins on July 1, 2018, till July 3, 2018
  • Platform- Stellar
  • Accepts- XLM, ETH, BTC, USD, XRP
  • Total supply-
  • Circulating supply
  • Price= 1 SPARK=0.15 USD
  • Hard Cap- $30 million
  • Soft Cap- $ 5 million
  • Token delivery- 2 weeks after crowd sale
  • Restrictions- USA residents
  • Lockup tokens- Only Bonus tokens for one month
  • Bonus rate- maximum 30%

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