SPECULAR Review: Get Paid For Holding Cryptocurrency

In the cryptocurrency world and market, it takes wise judgment and stable hands to make a profit from owning a digital asset. With the periodic fluctuations and immense changes in value often downplays the trust people have in the underlying technology.

However, while we may not understand the reasons for the fluctuations a more common opinion is coming up as an alternative to why holding cryptocurrency may finally become profitable. If you a crypto newbie you should take notice of the next crypto. With its crypto dividends for holders, Specular platform hopes to provide an alternative way to earn. Here's how.

What Is Specular?

Specular is a blockchain platform that provides for an alternative mode of staking by offering a limited supply of its ERC20 token as an offer in return for rewards for holding them. The SPEK Token lists it concepts as not a lending platform but rather a cryptocurrency with a return on investment for its long HODL reward outcomes. The more SPEK tokens a user holds, the more he gets to gain.

Specular Features

  • Specular APP- the application is the investment tool for Spek token holders and gives access to the following functionalities on the Specular platforms
  • Dashboard statistics on the token
  • Withdraw options for SPEK
  • Set trading limits on exchanges for the SPEK coin
  • Access to news and announcements regarding Specular

How Specular Real Cryptocurrency Asset Coin Works

Specular aim to offer a conventional mode of staking for its token holders. The concept will let users sign up and buy the SPEK tokens. From there each user gets to start an investment staking plan at 0.3%. In case users withdraw their shares go into distribution to the other investors. The more investors leave, the higher growth percentage for the long-term holders. The scheme will work in the same way till all the SPEK tokens are given out.

Does Specular Offer Any Difference?

Although SPEK tokens do not feature any outstanding features, it does provide the following possibilities:

  • Liquidity- in collaboration with several cryptocurrency exchanges offering the capability to trade or exchange the SPEK token
  • A bounty and referral program- the one level referral options allow existing users to attract new individuals to Specular and earn 5% from each user or 25 free tokens. Links to education videos or articles get 1 to 1500 free tokens.
  • Rewards- each user that leaves the SPEK token ecosystem loses their investment to the remaining investors who receive it in the form of bonuses

Specular SPEK Token ICO Details


  • Symbol: SPEK
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Accepts- ETH, BTC
  • Hard cap- $1.4 million
  • Total Supply: 8 888 888
  • The complete Sale for the ICO: 3 000 000
  • Total Bonus: 950 000
  • ICO Price: $0.05

Token Allocation

  • ICO- 3 million
  • Staking- 3 million
  • Registration signup bonuses- 500, 000
  • Bounty and refferals- 450,000
  • Frozen reserve 2018/2019- 525,000
  • Frozen reserve 2020/2021-525,000
  • Frozen 2022-888,888

Specular Conclusion

Although a smart way to earn in the crypto sphere, payout options for cryptocurrencies often attract scams. The lure of making a passive income often attracts more-than-wise investors who only end up losing their finances. In SPEK token's case, it is also a similar case since there is no credibility as to whether the team behind the project can get their concept into reality or ends up folding up.

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