Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a great way to invest your money but of course, the digital currencies can be used to buy products and services. Bitcoin already has revolutionized the world of internet payments and might change the way we think about money as we know it overall.

Currently, only a few stores accept coin payments for their products and it does need a bit of research to find stores that let you use bitcoin.

Spendabit.co is a search engine specially designed to find products that can be bought with your cryptocurrency. The site helps to find hundreds of Bitcoin enabled stores and products.

What Is Spendabit?

Spendabit.co was launched in 2014 and is developed to find products and services that can be purchased with Bitcoin. It is one of the first search engines of its kind and accumulates products from large, well-established bitcoin-enabled vendors and also smaller merchants.

The young company wants to bring Bitcoin to the masses and they believe in the ‘world-changing power of Bitcoin’. What the platform also provides and stands for, is to encourage existing Bitcoin users to keep more of their economic activity in the ‘Bitcoin Economy’.

Spendabit Uses

The team around Spendabit is constantly iterating the core product and is fairly open to feedback. In addition to the search function, they run a very informative blog, run discount programs and have an effective merchant program to onboard new vendors to their site. The site offers a useful directory to its most popular merchants.

Partnerships And Discounts

A lot of Bitcoin users have their coins to “hold” them, just a few people actually spend their currencies on a daily basis. Spendabit.co is giving multiple incentives to people who actually spend their Bitcoins on the platform, offers partnerships with vendors and regularly gives discounts on certain products. A red “Spendabit Discounts” banner shows special offers for searches like “headphones, vertical planters etc. and also displays how much you can save if you pay with Bitcoin.

Spendabit Verdict

Spendabit.co is a useful tool that not only offers a search engine option but also helps merchants to have their products found by Bitcoin enthusiasts who want to spend crypto to keep the Bitcoin economy moving. The site is constantly improving its features, also offers an informative blog and therefore makes browsing for products that can be bought with Bitcoin easy.

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