Sphinx SPX ICO Review

Today we are going to review a new cryptocurrency which has appeared on the market recently, Sphinx Coin. Do you want to know everything about Sphinx SPX? Then read our review about it.

What Is Sphinx SPX?

With the motto of “empowering people financially”, Sphinx Coin is a new cryptocurrency which intends to offer its users a good range of possibilities to use it to make money. The company states that its product incorporates the best features of all the modern blockchain-based currencies and many others, which makes this cryptocurrency a very desirable coin.

The Sphinx SPX Coin desires to deliver a product with improved scalability, transparency and all the care for your security when you use this cryptocurrency to buy goods online or to send money anywhere in the world.

The company says that it has more than 3000 active members on its community right now which are from more than 216 countries.

How Does Sphinx Coin Work?

Sphinx Coin can be used to pay for goods, services and to send money, but it can also be used for much more. This token has a fast return on investment. You can use it for lending. If you do it, you can lend a quantity of tokens to the company and you will receive a return on investment for that. The interest rates are high, so that can be an excellent idea.

If you decide to lend money to the company, the interest rates may vary from 35% to 10%, so you should read the rules well to understand how high your return on investment will be at the end of your investment period.

There is also the possibility to refer people to the company and then receive a certain profit over the investment that they make. This can vary from 2% to 7% of the money lent by the person which you referred to the system.

You can use the Sphinx Coin in the investment platform of the company. On this platform, the community will spend many hours working together to find the best ICOs and investments so you will be able to choose the best ones and invest in them. This is an advantage that the holders of the tokens will have.

You can also get money from staking if you hold Sphinx Coin. Staking is very simple. All that you have to do is to hold the tokens and you will be able to receive a quantity of money for holding them. The company states that the return on investment for staking can be 120%, so it can be a very good way to get money over time by doing nothing more than buying the tokens and waiting.

How To Invest In Sphinx Coin?

At the moment, the only way to acquire Sphinx Coins is to buy them directly from the company because they are not on cryptocurrency trades yet. You can buy the tokens right now. All that you have to do is to use a valid Ethereum wallet and to have ETH or BTC to pay for the tokens.

The company did not publicly state until when the sale is going to happen, so for more information you will have to ask directly to them.

The Sphinx Coin Verdict

Is this token the best investment that you can do right now? Hardly, actually. There are many options in the cryptocurrency market which are way more interesting than Sphinx SPX actually is. This company pretends that its cryptocurrency is something new and unique but there are a bunch of cryptocurrencies in the market which are basically the same.

We cannot guarantee that it will be a very good investment to invest in this cryptocurrency because there are so many similar coins out there that this one might just end up forgotten. Still, it is your choice. There is a decent chance that you will get a certain return on investment if you do invest in this company, so do it if you really want to. If you don’t, though, you can always find better options on our blog.

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