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Spiking is a management system based on risk, reward, and review that allows traders to find and follow crypto market whales. It seeks to empower traders with revolutionary tools to follow the whales using the Spike Protocol. Whales are the key executives of the companies that own cryptocurrency tokens. The term also refers to mining pools or large holders of cryptocurrency tokens.

The Spiking platform will integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence, which will enable the traders to find the whales and consequently gain exposure on the cryptocurrency market. Key information that traders will gain from following the whales include best cryptocurrencies to trade in and the most favorable times to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Trader exposure

One of the major factors that are hindering the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies is the lack of sufficient information about the cryptocurrencies. Spiking will collaborate with top whales to educate traders by offering the Certified Smart Trader (CST) Program that will provide an opportunity for traders to learn about investing and trading in cryptocurrencies.

The platform will allow traders to collect and verify data about the whales. Spiking will utilize a distributed and decentralized network known as the Spiking Blockchain Protocol that will verify all the trading transactions to ensure that information cannot be falsified.

The protocol also has a reward system that has a self-executing split model based on blockchain’s smart contracts.

Self-regulation and sustenance

The Spike Protocol is a universal trading protocol that aims at becoming self-regulating and self-sustaining ecosystem for mirror trading transactions between the followers and whales. This will happen across trading platforms such as cryptocurrency exchanges and stock brokerage houses. The Spike Protocol will be fast, accurate, and cost efficient.

All the transactions on the Spike Protocol will be through the ERC20-standard Spike Tokens. The tokens will allow holders to access the Spiking Platform and its services. Traders can use the Spike Tokens to pay for the CST program.

If a user graduates among the top students or is voted the top instructor in the CST program, they will receive rewards in form of Spike Tokens. Users can also earn spike tokens by participating on the platform through writing reviews or referring more users to the platform. They can also reward whales using the Spike Tokens.

Benefits of the Spiking Platform

Here are the 4 main benefits of the Spiking 1,000 whales in your wallet cryptocurrency trading platform:


The state-of-the-art tools used on the platform allow followers to meet whales in a transparent environment that is built on modern technology, with fully audited security standards.

Security of investments

In order to protect a follower’s investment and prevent the whale from knowing the amount of investment being mirrored, the system automatically mirrors all the transactions from the whale into the Segregated Trading account of the follower.

Verification of a whale’s data

Trading transactions of whales will reflect their ability to understand and process news. The platform will utilize a decentralized network to verify these trading transactions and ensure that they are unalterable.

Reward system

Whales will receive 21% commission fee from the profits generated by the initial capital of the followers while the followers will receive 71% of the profits plus the return on their initial capital.

Details of the Spiking ICO For SPIKE Tokens

  • Token Name: Spike
  • Token Type: Ethereum
  • Token Sale:81,000,000
  • Soft Cap: 2,000,000 USD
  • Hard Cap: 15,000,000 USD
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH, BTC
  • Token Price: 1 SPIKE = 0.01 USD

We will have more on the Spiking Initial Token Offering in the near future, as their tagline says “there are many possible reason to sell a crypto, but only one reason to buy – trade with the trend – follow whales”.


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