Spokkz Blockchain TV & Film Project Partners With Zilliqa (ZIL) For Scalability

Spokkz is well known in the entertainment industry for their support of various media projects through their community-based film and TV ecosystem. However, they have decided to take their projects to new heights with a new partnership between themselves and Zilliqa.

Zilliqa took to social media platform Telegram to make the announcement for their current and potential customers saying:

“We are happy to share that another 2 applications have announced they will be building on Zilliqa. They are: 1) Community-driven film & TV blockchain ecosystem Spokkz at spokkz.com which is an initiative by Spuul at spuul.com, an over-the-top provider of video streaming content in 180 countries with an existing user base of over 57 million users. 2) Bolt at bolt-token.global – an open entertainment network that aims to revolutionize ways to access content, data and education resources, powered by blockchain technologies.”

The creator of Spokkz, Spuul, has offices in five countries, serves 60 million users, and reaches 180 countries. Their daily traffic involves over 60,000 transactions, which are performed with the help of their smart wallets. The reason that this ecosystem is so unique is because they allow their audience to vote on their content, and they even dictate the price they are willing to pay for access to that content.

Right now, Spuul offers fiat-based wallets, giving consumers the change to receive and send top-ups, though they will soon open their platform to use ERC20 tokens as well. With these options, they want to bring in non-subscribers as well to be a part of their crowdfunding efforts.

The CEO at Spuul, Subin Subaiah, commented on the collaboration and what it can do for their brand.

“This collaboration is built on the back of an established and rapidly growing business which provide immediate scale to Zilliqa’s ground breaking platform. We believe the consequence will be transformational for our community, our content partners and the blockchain space at large.”

Over at Zilliqa, Chairman Juzar Motiwalla expressed the promise that this partnership shows. “Zilliqa was designed with high-throughput and security in mind. The Spokkz-Zilliqa collaboration will be a high-profile scalability showcase in the blockchain space.”

At the present moment, Zilliqa is being traded at $0.085 per token.

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