What Is SponB?

Also known as SPO, the SponB token is a utility token that users can use on the SponB platform as well as in business-to-business transactions with the sports facilities. It is never so easy to come about sports communities.

The SponB platform now makes this easy since geo-locations, tags, categories as well as centers of interests are taken into account. This basically means that even if a user leaves the community, the data and history of the user still follows them.

SponB Key Blockchain Sports & Athletes Booster Rewards Features

The increase in growth of the market price in the sports industry has significantly led to the importance of recording sports data. The SponB platform initiative is an establishment of record data of life sports. This can be produced in partnership with diverse industry groups to generate an innumerable streams of revenue.

Another key feature of SponB platform is its service to the community. It allows sports related posting as well as the sharing of video clips. Additionally, the company works as a team, which is visible in its team management. This is due to the fact that it provides membership, bookkeeping and schedule management tools. The platform also provides funding through a sports card transaction model.

Blockchain Powered

In many ways, the SponB platform has made it easy for every team, player, as well as community has their own timelines. This is due to the fact that their data is secure in the blockchain, which is easily dependable and freely obtainable.

Autonomous Ecosystems

Another key feature of the SponB platform is because there are a variety of ways through which users can access support from the platform. This may range from commendations to contributions. Since the platform also makes use of smart contracts, there is no need for black box. This basically means that nothing is hidden and everything is accessible to the general populace.


The decentralized nature of blockchain technology which SponB makes use of makes it possible for a user to save a lot of data in the blockchain. In this way, the platform is made redundant and entirely decentralized.

SponB Advantages For Athletes

  • Immutable data: one of the key advantages of SponB is that the data is dependent on blockchain. This means that it is virtually impossible to claim proprietorship.
  • Support: another key advantage of the SponB platform is that users, especially athletes are able to access contributions, funding as well as complete missions which are instrumental in assisting to finance all your sports activities.
  • Valuable profile: through the SponB platform, a user can offer and get reviews on SponB. This can go a long way in assisting other members to have an impression of your disposition as well as your physical capabilities.

SponB Advantages For Supporters

  • Show your support: as a user of SponB, you can straight away assist your preferred athletes by purchasing the equipment they need for them.
  • Receive rewards: as a result of supporting your favorite athlete, the community will be in a position of rewarding you for the hard work you do on the platform.

SponB SPO Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Symbol: SPO
  • Sale Amount: 350,000,000 SPO
  • Maximum Amount: 700,000,000 SPO
  • Currencies accepted: BTC, ETH
  • Hard Cap: $32,000,000
  • Soft Cap: $ 10,000,000

Token Distribution

  • 50% distributed to funders
  • 30% company and rewards
  • 20% members/advisors and partners

Fund Distribution

  • 30% package advancement and operations
  • 30% collaboration and commercialization
  • 30% promotion and events
  • 10% trade and administration operations

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