What Is Sporting Chance?

Sporting Chance is a self-regulated information exchange platform that targets the gambling community. Despite the recessions and financial downturns, the gambling sector continues to face a massive growth annually, making it a worthwhile investment.

It is estimated that the gambling sector has 500 million participants worldwide. However, less than one percent of the total participants make profits from their gambling activities. This results in a demand for profitable information from the gamblers who are not making any profits. Sporting Chance seeks to meet this demand by supplying profitable information.

How Sporting Chance Racing, Sports Gambling Exchange Works

The platform will allow profitable gamblers to sell their information to the mass audience by posting them on the Sporting Chance platform through their secure account. Buyers can then purchase the information from the seller based on their past performance at an agreed amount. Purchases on the platform can be made through the Sporting Chance Token (SPCH) or other cryptocurrencies.

The amount is then held in an escrow until there is a confirmation of the information. If the outcome is successful, eighty percent of the amount is deposited into the seller’s account and the remaining twenty percent is deposited into the company account. If the outcome is unsuccessful, the full amount is deposited back to the seller’s account and they can choose to reinvest it.

Sporting Chance SPCH Token ICO Details

Sporting Chance will launch its ICO on May 11, 2018 until June 11, 2018 on the Waves Decentralized exchange. Funds collected during the ICO will launch, brand and market the platform in order to generate income. The funds will also develop blockchain technologies to enhance the capabilities of the platform and implement the functionality of cryptocurrencies within it.

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token: Sporting Chance (SPCH)
  • Token supply: 200,000,000
  • Token price: 0.0125 Waves
  • Token standard: Waves
  • Soft cap: 500000 USD
  • Hard cap: 6000000 USD

Sporting Chance Benefits


Sporting chance is a site that is ready to launch with immunity to gambling laws and regulations in countries, and has a potential of over 500 million clients, which is a guarantee that any investments made towards the platform will bear returns.

Value Return

The platform will return value to its investors through its buy-back and release a payment strategy that will be rolled out within two years.


After the ICO, Sporting Chance will appoint a Communications Manager whose role will be to ensure that the flow of information between the company and the investors is timely, accurate, and transparent.

Transparency will also be ensured through availing to the investors all the regulatory financial reports and business updates so that they can monitor and evaluate any transactions or progress.

Increase In Token Value

The platform will lay out a communication strategy to crypto or social media platforms to increase the awareness about the token, which will increase the demand of the token and eventually its token value.

User Experience

Through the blockchain technology such as smart contracts, escrow finance services, and AI applications that the platform will integrate into its system, the user experience as well as the site’s functionality will be greatly increased.

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