Sports Ledger

Sports Leader (SPSL) is a revolutionary token that will empower a new wave of innovation in the world of sports. This will allow consumers to gain access to an innovative, data-driven platform, which will utilize the latest advances in AI, smart contract, and the blockchain. SPSL is going to serve as the utility token on this platform. It will offer access to the various services and reward users that contribute to the success of this ecosystem.

Understanding Sports Ledger

This platform will follow a strategy for implementation, which is meant to ensure sustainable growth. The user interface will be more than just an innovative sports data hub. This platform was created after core innovation layers that leveraged the power of new technology to enhance the user experience.

Some of the technologies being utilized on this platform are machine learning, AI, and others, which will ensure accurate predictions. Besides that, the blockchain and smart contracts will serve as the main basis for this ecosystem.

It will allow tokens to be transferred using rewards between users of the platform. Biometric data will be stored on the platform is a tamper-proof manner, which will allow athletes to create digital passports and share data with select users.

The Value Of Sports Data

Data will be the fuel that powers Sports Ledger. The platform will aggregate high-end data to offer users intuitive visuals, analytics, and insight into the biometrics of athletes. Sports ledger was created using the core principle that access to data should not be a complex process as it currently is. The goal is to enrich the experience of sports lovers and users of the platform to make it possible for them to learn from various tools.

By incorporating various data tools, the platform will offer a range of benefits to various stakeholder groups globally. This will include academic researchers, clubs, coaches, scouts, managers, sports institutions, and the most important, sports fans.

The user will just need a smart device and the SPSL tokens to become part of this revolution. After that, users will gain access to a cutting-edge platform that will rely on AI, the blockchain, and smart contracts to secure the data. This will lead to new insights while rewarding meaningful contributions. The developers expect that the platform users will grow fast due to the network effect.

The current data-sharing ecosystem in the world of sports is quite outdated and fragmented. With this backdrop in mind, Sports Ledger wants to create an ecosystem that does not have the complexity and burdens that exist in accessing sports data. This will ensure that all decisions will be based on high-quality data and reduce the information costs to access it.

How Sports Ledger Blockchain Sports Data-Driven Platform Works

Sports Ledger will expand into various pioneering services by gathering and analyzing the data efficiently. It will display the data analysis on the trusted platform. The initial data layer will offer a visually-enhanced in real time to users of the platform. This data will include performance data, individual and team statistics, matches, assists, goals, accuracy in passing and shots, score counts, and the time played.

Sports ledger will use machine learning, AI, and analytics to predict outcomes for sports. To do this, it will utilize data that is hardly ever made available to the masses. This platform will make it possible for sports communities to emerge, where the fans can interact with clubs and are rewarded. Besides that, pro athletes will be able to record biometric data and offer valuable insights into themselves. The athletes will be able to create a digital passport and monetize their data.

Sports Ledger acknowledges the value that is added by loyal sports fans and realizes that digitally connected fans are biggest online influencers for sports venues. Thus, the platform will allow fans to upload their experiences for a personalized engagement in the sports betting world. Clubs will be able to reward users that contribute to their success by sharing impactful content. Users will be rewarded using tickets, merchandise, and discounts.

Sports Ledger SPSL Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Name: Sports Ledger
  • Ticker: SPSL
  • Standard: ERC20
  • Crowdsale Price: 1 SPSL = 0.0004 ETH
  • Accepted: ETH
  • Total Tokens: 588,000,000 SPSL tokens
  • Soft Cap: 11,640 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 194,000 ETH
  • ITO Date: September 6 – October 11

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