What Is SportsFix?

SportsFix is blockchain-driven digital sports content ecosystem whose objective is to decentralize the distribution of sports media rights. Its parent company, SF Media Holdings, is an established provider of love video streaming services in the Asian market. Every week, millions of subscriber’s access live sporting events via their platform.

Market Opportunity

According to several studies, sports are hugely popular all over the world, as most people either watch or actively participate in the games. Some of the most notable statistic regarding sports include:

  • In 2015, the net worth of the sports industry was $620 billion.
  • FIFA established that 67% of global population (4.7 billion people) watch at least one sport.
  • According to Stasista, 58% of Asians own smartphones.

How Sports Content Distribution Works

The existing method of sports content distribution is costly, outdated and inexpedient. Typically, most distributors bundle the sports content with material form other genres, resulting in an expensive pay TV package. Therefore, such packages usually filled with undesirable contents besides being unaffordable.

The Problems SportsFix Seeks To Solve

Convoluted Sports Content Distribution System

Presently, the TV network is composed of several channels, most of which do not serve any designated purpose. This makes it tedious to establish the location of particular content. On the other hand, larger platforms resort to arbitrage tactics to monopolize the distribution of content.

Intermediaries, Artificial Bundling And Pricing

The presence of many intermediaries results in a significant increase in the subscription costs for TV content. Moreover, nobody is transparent about the pricing model deployed by these distributors. Even worse, consumers are forced to pay for undesirable content because it bundled with the sports content.

Centralized Revenue Distribution System

As of now, ‘larger’ teams receive bigger chunks of the streaming revenue than their lesser counterparts. Also, content distributors sell the rights in league format, rather than per individual team. This is inconvenient because the consumer may not desire to watch some teams.

The SportsFix Blockchain Sports Live Streaming Events Solution

SportsFix will leverage blockchain and Over-the-Top technologies to create the SportsFix Digital stadium. The Digital Stadium aims to recreate the experience of a real-life stadium by combing, video on demand, social media, gamification and e-commerce in an ecosystem powered by the SportsFix Token (SFT). Through the platform, fans will be able to:

  • Vote for their favorite content
  • Pay for selected content
  • Engage directly with favorite teams
  • Interact with fellow fans on the Digital Stadium

SportsFix will deploy a tiered digital stadium model, depending on the number of viewers per game. The tiers include, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Superfan stadiums.

SportsFix SFT Token ICO Details

The SportsFix token (SFT) is the native cryptocurrency of the SportsFix ecosystem. The total supply of SFT is 800,000 tokens.

Token Distribution

  • 55% – token sale
  • 13% -team
  • 9% – advisors
  • 5% – sports club tokens
  • 3% – bounty
  • 15% – reserve vault

Distribution Of Funds

  • 60% -content
  • 13% – sales and marketing
  • 10% – operations
  • 3% – legal and accounting
  • 14% – development

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