The blockchain revolution has provided individuals in a wide variety of different industries to take advantage of the micro financing opportunities that cryptocurrencies deliver. It’s now possible for creators and professionals in a broad spectrum of industries to access direct remittances for their efforts, from content creators, to property owners, and even lenders.

The innovative way in which the blockchain allows peer to peer financing is being leveraged by a new startup that aims to bring cryptocurrency into the athletic and sporting world. SportyFi is a new platform that is launching a token crowdsale, or initial coin offering, that will enable a direct financial link between individuals in the sporting world.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the SportyFi platform and find out how it plans to disrupt the sporting finance sector as well as examine the details of the initial coin offering it is launching to help you determine whether it’s worth keeping an eye on.

What Is SportyFi?

SportyFi is a new blockchain based crowdfunding platform that intends to function as an intermediary that connects individuals with a need for funding with supporting crowds on a micro level. Functioning as a Smart Manager Platform, SportyFi can be used by anybody operating in the sport industry, such as athletes, teams, clubs, or any kind of sports organization.

Users of the SportyFi platform will be able to list plans, expectations, and achievements, as well as the type of financing they aim to achieve in order to achieve their goals. From the public perspective, SportyFi will allow crowds to engage with sporting individuals on a personal level by acquiring a stake in or investing in the career path of promising athletes or sports players.

Currently, only large corporations and businesses possess the wherewithal to invest in prospective players, which can make it difficult for promising players and athletes to break into higher performance levels. SportyFi aims to change this by arming the public with the power to support the players that they want to see succeed.

In addition to simply delivering donations to players and athletes, SportyFi also makes it possible for crowds to support sporting organizations and clubs they support, reaping financial rewards along the way.

The SportyFi Crowdsale

SportyFi tokens (SPF) will be issued during the SportyFi crowdsale, which is limited to a total of 200 million tokens. The SportyFi tokens will be minted on the Ethereum network, and are available for purchase with ETH only.

67% of the total amount of SportyFi tokens will be issued to contributors to the crowdsale, while 18% will be distributed to the founders team, and another 10% to advisors and ambassadors. Finally, 5% of the total token amount will be reserved for future fast growth incentives.

SportyFi is led by Marko Filej, the entrepreneur behind tech-based sports platforms such as Trainers4me and OnlineGym4me. Filej is supported by Simon Zgavec, an experienced attorney who is ensuring the SportyFi ICO meets all legal and regulatory compliance requirements.

The SportyFi token crowdsale will operate for 17 days from launch, after which SPF tokens will be released to contributors.

SportyFi Verdict

The SportyFi platform is a wholly unique approach to the way in which sporting teams, athletes, players, and sporting clubs can access funding, and is driven by an experienced and professional management team. If you’re interested in seeing the applications of blockchain technology in the sporting world, SportyFi is definitely worth keeping an eye on.

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