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Cryptocurrencies have sent the global economic market in a complete restructure mode. This is due to the fact that crypto based technology is completely independent of regular fiat currencies, and thus has the potential to change the way global markets work and do business. Ever since their inception in 2009, currencies like Bitcoin have gradually risen within the ranks and now have become premier digital assets. In a similar vein, there is now much interest in other currencies like Ethereum and Litecoin also growing.

What Is Spot?

According to the official company website, the team behind Spot believes that “blockchain possesses the potential to serve humanity”. With this thought in mind, this project has been created in order to deliver customers with a currency that comes backed by a mature ecosystem which is not only easy to use, but comes with management tools that help in optimal usability. Additionally, the Spot ‘Me Coin’ project has also been created in order to help deliver its customer base with all of the benefits of a ‘Cryptonote-based cryptocurrency’.

How To Make Use Of Spot?

The process to get started is extremely simple and includes the following steps:

Wallet Procuration:

This step can not yet be completed as the company has not yet gone live. However, once the tokens are made available, all users need to do is purchase a digital wallet to store the currency. Customers also have to option to download the official ‘Spot Coin’ wallet as well from the official web page.

Purchase Currency:

Customers are encouraged to get in early with the ICO and make large purchases. This is because the initial token pricing will be modest and allow users to make bulk purchases at extremely affordable rates. Lastly, one can also purchase tokens a from official exchanges, like

Use Freely:

Once Spot coins have been bought, they can be used to send money to our friends and family. Not only that, they can also be used to spend on things or be used in stores of participating merchants.

Spot ICO Details

For customers interested in buying Spot Coin, there will an ICO held that will start on December 3rd, 2017 (08:00 UTC) and end on January 1st, 2017 (23:59 UTC). Additionally, there will be a total supply of 184,467,440.7 Spot coins that will be made available in total. The minimum to purchase tokens is .0018 BTC or roughly $10 USD or $20 BZD. There is no cap on the amount of tokens that any one person/ organization can buy.

Spot Conclusion

Lastly, to make optimal use of Spot, users will need to download the official company software. There are multiple versions being looked at, and once completed, the Spot platform will be made available on various OS’s like Linux, Windows and Apple. To ensure maximum security and efficiency, the Spot Me Coin project will use “two publicly available networks”. The first will be a test network (for those who would like to try out the network), and the other will be the ‘official network’.

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