Spotrbet (a particularly egregious portmanteau of “spotter” and “bet”) is a high yield investment program (HYIP) that offers ROI as high as 2000% over a 45 day period.

What Is Spotrbet?

According to Spotrbet's Companies House registration, it is a UK-based company with a London address. The named principal of the company is listed as Julian Richard Beardsley. The address for both Beardsley and the company is for a residential block in a London suburb.

However, the Spotrbet website registration data reveals the owner of the site is listed as a John Malo living in Berlin, Germany. Who's really running Spotrbet – John Malo or Julian Beardsley – is impossible to verify. This doesn't exactly bode well for a financial company.

Spotrbet Product

Spotrbet offers investment products in four distinct flavors, all of which have differing rates of return. These products include:

  • Plan One: 130% ROI over ten days, with interest accruing at a rate of 13% daily
  • Plan Two: 160% ROI over 7 days, interest accruing at end of investment period
  • Plan Three: 500% over 14 days, interest accruing at end of investment period
  • Plan Four: 2000% over 45 days, interest accruing at end of investment period

Minimum and maximum deposit amounts for all plans ranges from $20 USD to $50,000 USD. Spotrbet claims that it provides a “guaranteed and stable return” on all investments.

Spotrbet Opportunity

In addition to the ROI associated with each of its four investment plans, Spotrbet also provides opportunities to earn commissions on new referrals. Referrals provide a 5% commission to the original Spotrbet investor.

Spotrbet Conclusion

We find it interesting that Spotrbet doesn't explain exactly how it manages to provide such a “guaranteed and stable return” on the investments its members make. Considering how difficult even the most advanced and sophisticated investment funds can struggle to guarantee more than a few percent in annual interest, it's mystifying how this company can provide anywhere between 130% and 2000% ROI.

The truth is likely not anything groundbreaking. No, it's much more likely that Spotrbet is simply taking money from new investors and using that money to pay the ROI on older ones expecting their original investments to mature. This is almost certainly what's going on here, as there's no evidence of any actual legitimate investment activity being engaged in by the company.

This means, of course, that once the amount of money entitled to existing investors is more than the amount of money Spotrbet is taking in from new recruitment, the entirety of the operation will fall down upon itself. Anyone who had not pulled their money out by that time will likely lose it, as the company admins (whoever they may be in actuality) will abscond with whatever's left in the system.

In other words, you'd have to be pretty nuts to throw in with an HYIP like Spotrbet. A good rule of thumb here is that if it seems too good to be true – like a 2000% ROI on a 45-day deposit – it's immediately suspicious. In this case, we'll be incredibly surprised if Spotrbet is around for more than a few months.

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