The major challenge for many startups is the lack of financing. This often results in the failure of startups to advance from the development stage. ICOs have been a successful way of generating funding through cryptocurrencies.

However, there is no secure and reliable platform that can be used to universally generate growth for ventures and enable them to develop to their full potential. A platform that guides the entrepreneur with advice and the technical tools is needed in the ICO and token stages to guarantee success.

The SprintX SPX Solution

SprintX hopes to fill in this gap. It is a platform for the development of new cryptocurrency business ideas by entrepreneurs that is meant to open up the digital market. The platform aims to support initiatives with the goal of promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency that will occur in the future with the users and customers of the platform being the key players and protagonists.

SprintX hopes to achieve this with the help of SwitchX, which is a multifunctional exchange that can be accessed using a debit card. The other features of the SwitchX exchange include:

  • Assimilation to Airdrop
  • Hot and cold wallets
  • Adaptability to folks

Features of SprintX platform

  • Accommodate the development of new ICOs chosen under the Lean Startup methodology
  • Incorporate the ICO tokens to the SwitchX exchange
  • Actively promote and be part of the launch of new ICOs
  • Allow for the automatic development of smart contracts on the Ethereum platform
  • Give personalized advice
  • Have banking entities available for conversion of the digital coins to Fiat
  • Incorporate users debit cards that will be automatically linked to their cryptocurrency balance
  • Clients can access the platform using cold and hot wallets
  • Access digital strategy
  • The platform has experts advisors in the ICO field

The platform will use a smart contract generator that will help in standardizing templates and personalize them for the launch of ICOs. The functions and characteristics of the smart contract generator include:

  • Standard and easy to personalize templates
  • Can automatically deploy smart contracts without the intervention of humans
  • Ability to test the smart contract functions before the launch of an ICO

The benefits of the SprintX platform to entrepreneurs include:

Generation Of Smart Contracts And Blockchain

Users of SprintX will have the ability to come up with executable contracts by use of blockchain technologies

Automatic Integration To An Exchange

When entrepreneurs create their ICO with the SprintX platform, they can automatically incorporate their tokens to SwitchX, which is the exchange that is part of the platform. This will save the businessperson time and money to facilitate their work.

Availability Of Banking Entities That Can Be Used For Conversion To Fiat

The banking entities that are a party of the platform will provide the needed permits and legal aspects so that users can use their debit cards to convert cryptocurrencies to fiat currencies.

SprintX SPX ICO Detao;s

The users of the SprintX platform will use the SprintX coin to participate in the company’s transactions. The distribution of the coin using an ICO is to provide SprintX with enough funding for the development of the platform and the benefits of the investors. In a bid to reward its investors, the platform has come up with a reward system.

The reward system will have a 30% off Bonus in Tokens during its Pre-ICO sale. The token is also a security token that will see investors receive quarterly dividends from the exchange profits.

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