Every person dreams of owning their own house. However, the barriers that exist in the real estate industry have made it very difficult for ordinary people to break through in this market. A high price threshold for owning a home as well as a lack of proper understanding on how to choose the right liquid property has been attributed as the main cause. In addition to that, the issue of management has also been attributed as one of the main causes.

SqPay is a reputable platform that was established to solve this issues that many people face. The company has put various structures in place to ensure that they make long term property investments with a minimum entry threshold.

The company is committed to create investment projects that will successfully work to generate income and at the same time protect the property of the investors. The company aims to become a good example of how people have been able to unite cyptocurrencies and the real estate sector of the economy. They plan to do the same in the real estate industry.

How Does SqPay Work?

The concept behind SqPay is very simple. First, the ICO and the fundraising will initiate the acquiring of the first commercial property. The number of properties purchased will be dependent on the amount of money that will be raised. Participants interested in joining this ambitious project will be registered via a web application and will receive tokens in their personal wallets.

Profits that will be obtained from the lease of the property will be distributed as follows: 30-50% will go to the payment of dividends, 2-3% will go to operating management and facility management, 67-47% will be reinvested back to acquire new properties. This means the volume of dividends will increase as the number of properties purchased increases.

Why Choose SqPay?

You don’t need to have a lot of money in order to join the project. SqPay has made it very easy and simple for any person to join and enjoy the benefits of investing in real estate.

Stability In The Commercial Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry is one of the most lucrative industries in the market to join. It is very stable and guarantees every smart investor gets good returns. SqPay wants to join this industry because it has a lot of potential that is yet to be explored.

Transparency At All Steps

SqPay believes in transparency, and that is why it has put necessary structures in place to ensure that all parties are involved in the process. Before any action is taken, all members will be notified and all progress regarding the company projects will be made public to all members.

Each Investor Is Involved In Project Management

SqPay values all its investors and that is why it will include all investors in project management. This will not only make investors feel they are part of the project but they will also gain vital skills on the process that they can use to make money in the future.

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